How to Unlock Pablo Simon Bolivar in Evil Dead: The Game

Join the ranks of survivors and increase your chance to survive with the aid of supporting characters like Pablo Simon Bolivar, and here is how you can unlock him.

Evil Dead, where new characters get spawned more than the deads that are evil. Cliche, innit? The Evil Dead franchise is known as the only game that has introduced a vast amount of characters, more than any other game. The TV show is still running. The cult classic brought by the maestro Sam Raimi is still a delightful dessert to players worldwide. Indeed there was a bit of plunder after the game got out from Saber Interactive; even after that, players are eager to get on with it.

Now about the game. A handful of characters want to survive in a world of mayhem. More specifically, the evil deads. These characters have their own things going on. They have their unique abilities and set of skills that make them a nightmare for evil deads. They will find the evil, and they will kill the evil. Liam should’ve been added to the cast.

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Evil Dead: The Game characters

To talk about Pablo Simon Olivar; he is one of the supporting characters. As he goes in favor, he is necessary to be on the team. Well, one of the very few people that you can blindly count on. There are a number of memorable events in the game that portray the original franchise. “It’s not going to let us go!” is such an eventful mission that you have to proceed to unlock Pablo. Let’s roll on with more details below.

How to unlock Pablo Simon Bolivar

There are some other jobs to be done before handling this one. Before you approach “It’s not going to let us go!” you must have finished “If you love someone… Free them… with a chainsaw, Party down! and Kill them all.”

At the very beginning of the mission, you will see a car. Ride it to the Green Bird Camp. Watch out for the Deadlites. They will be just roaming around the place. Take them out. Now, it is time to investigate.

In the meantime, do remember the ol’ chap, Ash Williams. His chainsaw should be at the picnic house. This is highly recommended that you visit the place while you are on the mission. With the help of Warlock, you will have an advantage in locating. We are here specifically for an amulet. If you can remember, there was a sorcerer that once spoke so highly of this particular amulet. After acquiring the amulet, it will guide us to the Railway Loop.

While we are in the Railway Loop, the amulet will guide us to another location. From there, we will be guided to Demi-Eligos. This one is a tough nut. Set a strategy before going all out on these bullocks. With keeping a bit of distance, you will need some time to cope. After that, you will be able to get it over with by yourself.

Now back to the cabin again. We will be possessed by a hand that works like a compass by this time. Technology, huh! It will guide us to Ash’s location. We will find him at Jakes’s Gas’n Go. We will eventually get to team up with Ash Williams and good ol’ uncle Pablo.

Abilities of Pablo Simon Bolivar

  • Shaman Protection: Sheild bar regenerates over time until a bar is filled up.
  • Gift from El Brujo Especial: Start crafting the amulet.
  • Legacy of El Brujo: Start the match with an extra Amulet.
  • Hellish Camouflage: Demons are incapable of sensing your Demonic Vision.

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