How to Unlock Lord Arthur in Evil Dead The Game

Join the survivors, increase your survival rate and the number of supplies, unlock many more characters like Lord Arthur, and follow this guide to know how to get him.

In the Evil Dead: The game, new characters appear more than actual demons and others. Each of these characters has unique abilities and strategies of their own to walk through the game. Their particular sets of skills are what make the word unique in a proper manner.

Now, Lord Arthur is not just another character, or even Lord, in the game. We have seen his first appearance in the movie Army of Darkness. From there, he seems to get himself cast in the game. To get him rolling on the field, you need to complete the mission “Homecoming King.”

It is the fifth story in the story campaign. As it is obvious that the more the game progresses, the more tough nut it becomes. Moreover, along with “Homecoming King,” the whole tale of Lord Arthur is quite tough and menacing.

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How to Unlock Lord Arthur

You need to get on with some other jobs before handling this one. Head to Lucky Valley Lodge and loot whatever you get. You will get mostly healing items and a crossbow. After that, go to the cabin the far northeast of the lodge. You will find some more supplies there. Now it is time to get a ride. Hop on a vehicle that you will discover nearby. Head to the crash site of Flight 666. From here, your main objective will begin by searching for the Kandarian Dagger.

After acquiring the prestigious dagger, head to the Knowby Cabin; well, you will get this as an objective anyway. Your job is now to find the Necronomicon. On the outside of the cabin, you might face an unwanted face-off with some “evils.” Do what you do best.

Now, you must go to the Fryingpan Tunnel. There is a point of interest nearby. After arriving there, you will see Evil Ash standing in front of you. He is the boss of this battle. He will disappear after some time. What you need to do after that is, find your sword, the Excalibur. From there, go to the Payne Manor. After some little miscreant destruction, you will be able to get the sword from inside the mansion.

You have all the things you need. Now, head back to the rift in Fryingpan Tunnel. Getting transported to a pit, you will face the Evil Ash once again along with a Pit Deadite. Demolish them and get yourself home. Now, my friend, you have Lord Arthur as a playable survivor. Prost!

Now that you have unlocked this character let’s see what he brings to the table.

Abilities of Lord Arthur

  • The Lord’s Wrath: Melee damage increases along with your nearby teammates. The fear level gets reduced as well.
  • Weapon Master of Heavy Attacks: Heavy melee attack damage increases by 30% of you and your teammates in the aura.
  • Weapon Master of Light Attacks: Light melee attack damage increases by 30% of you and your teammates in the aura.
  • Finish with Fire: After performing a finisher move, teammates get blessed with The Lord’s Wrath ability.

Understandably, his skill set is really sought after by the playerbase. So, have fun while you enjoy this one-of-a-kind character while fighting against evil monsters.

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