How to Unlock All Arcanas in Vampire Survivors

Patch 0.5.0 has brought some spicy Arcana that can buff your gameplay more than ever in Vampire Survivors. Scroll down and get to know more about that.

Devs from Poncle did a fine job creating a gothish-themed indie game. Vampire Survivor is built on a handful of captivating rogue elements. This classic horror game is all about survival. Survive from the night-walkers and live to see the next daylight. And this survival is no piece of cake.

Now to talk about Arcana; Arcana is the new addition in Vampire Survivor. The latest patch, 0.5.0, added this new mechanic. Long story short, Arcanas are to give you buffs. One other use can be developing a new arsenal. Now, these Arcanas, you got to use with proper strategies. We will talk about that shortly.

This guide is to get you updated with the latest Arcana releases only. Hope to come back again with new additions. Till then, below are the active Arcanas in patch 0.5.2. Let me show you their activities and their whereabouts.

How to Unlock All Arcanas

Head to the Gallo Tower. Watch out for the green arrow. It will take you to a Relic that goes by the name Randomazzo. It will enable the whole Arcana system once you have acquired it. Well, before that, slay down some foes.

Moreover, you will be getting the first Arcana just like that. It is the Arcana – VI; Sarabande of Healing. After the system has been activated, other Arcanas will be available with specific requirements. Let me get that for you.

IV: Awake

  • Requirement: Reach level 99 with the red devil Krochi Freetto.
  • Effect: Gives +3 Revivals. Each one gives +10% Health, +1 Armor, and +5% Might.

V: Chaos in the Dark Night

  • Requirement: Reach level 99 with the witch Giovanna Grana.
  • Effect: Projectile speed keeps changing from -50% to a max of 200% for 10 seconds. In addition, you will get a 1.75x multiplier in the speed.

VI: Sarabende of Healing

  • Requirement: Find the Randomazzo.
  • Effect: Every source of healing gets doubled while the nearby foes get damaged.

VII: Iron Blue Will

  • Requirement: Reach level 99 with Gennaro Belpaese, the Italian gladiator.
  • Effect: Projectile weapons can pass through foes and walls.

XI: Waltz of Pearls

  • Requirement: Reach Level 99 with Imelda Belpaese.
  • Effect: Projectile weapons can gain up to 3 bounces.

XIV: Disco of Gold

  • Requirement: Reach minute 31 in the Inlaid Library.
  • Effect: Gold Rush gets triggered after picking up coin bags.

XVI: Slash

  • Requirement: Reach level 99 with Lama Ladonna.
  • Effect: Certain weapons get double critical damage. Applies to Thousand Edge, Bloody Tear, Death Spiral, and Heaven Sword.

XVII: Lost and Found Painting

  • Requirement: Reach level 99 with Poppea Pecorina.
  • Effect: Overall duration changes continuously between -50% and +200% for over 10 seconds.

XVIII: Boogaloo of Illuisions

  • Requirement: Reach level 99 with Concetta Caciotta.
  • Effect: Overall area changes continuously between -25% and +50% for over 10 seconds.

XLX: Heart of Fre

  • Requirement: Reach level 99 with Arca Ladonna.
  • Effect: Certain projectile weapons can explode just after the impact. The character can be damaged as well. Applies to Hellfire and Light source.

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