How to Turn Off Motion Blur in Evil Dead: The Game

Are you having issues with the motion blur effect in Evil Dead: The game? This guide is just for you to let you know how to turn it off.

The Motion Blur option heavily influences action-packed games, giving the player an extra layer of realism while running. Well, it can also cause slight discomfort for some players. There are multiple reports from players with health issues caused by this visual effect since you cannot turn it off in the game options menu.

However, there is a way to turn it off manually. This is a tricky path, so I suggest hanging with me until the last full stop. Let’s hop in!

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How to Turn Off Motion Blur

There are some steps that I will describe as easily as possible. Let’s go through this.

  • At first, close the game. Do not make any change in mid-game. It might hamper the in-game settings so that you will not notice. So, let’s play it in safe hands. If the Epic Games Launcher is open, close it as well.
  • Open Run. You can do that by pressing the Windows key + R. There is another way to do that by searching for Run in the windows search bar.
  • Enter this path and get into it:
  • Now, look for the WIndowsNoEditor folder. Open it.
  • You will find a file under the name Engine.ini. It will be in .txt format. Make a copy of it and save it in another location. I would prefer to keep it on the desktop. Easy to access. You won’t forget as well. Leave it as it is. Get back to the first one.
  • Open the original one. Add some codes at the very end:
  • You can also go with this one:
  • Just this part should also work fine as well:
  • If none of them work, I have another recommendation for you:

After making all the changes, save the file and get out. Launch the game and observe the difference. I hope it got the job done. If you feel like reverting, delete this file and get the copy file we saved on the desktop. There you go. Enjoy the game!

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