How to Track the Pros in Worlds 2021 EU Bootcamp: IGN, Streams, and More

League of Legends’ Worlds 2021 is just around the corner and some pro players are already in Europe preparing for the grand tournament. And here’s how you can track your favorite pro players on the EUW server.

The 2021 League of Legends Worlds Championship is one of the most anticipated esports tournaments of the year starting October 5th. Although the tournament was originally planned to take place in China, due to the ongoing pandemic, the location was changed on short notice, and it is now set to take place in Iceland.

Ahead of the Worlds, all the qualified teams from different regions have started to arrive in the EU. Upon arriving most of the pros are already taking preparation for the Worlds; scriming and playing soloq on the EUW Server.

How to watch Pro players’ Worlds 2021 Bootcamp in EUW server

As the Worlds 2021 is taking place in the EU, it is very accessible to watch and keep track of the pro players in the EUW server — unlike last year’s. A lot of pro players will directly stream their soloq games on their own Twitch channel. Besides, there are also some popular streamers on Twitch who are regularly Tracking the Pros.

Some of the channels are:

How to track Pros Rank in Worlds 2021 EU Bootcamp

All the players who are participating in the Worlds 2021 will be given a Riot account to practice in the EUW soloq. Therefore, in order to track pros’ rank in the soloq, use the available IGNs below in the stats site like and

Moreover, the “Tracking The Pros” website is also live tracking all the players in Worlds 2021 EU Bootcamp with LP, wins, losses, and ranks.

IGN of all the Pros

Here are the IGNs and accounts of all the pro players from LCK, LEC, LCS, Brazil, and other regions in the EUW server:

Player NameTeamRoleIGN (
FlandreEDward GamingTopYQSH
JiejieEDward GamingJungleDinner first
ScoutEDward GamingMidKimchi3
ViperEDward GamingBot2021Worlds0108
MeikoEDward GamingSupport2021Worlds0109
JunJiaEDward GamingJungle (Sub)Expecto Patrounm
XiaohuRoyal Never Give UpToplucky iceland
WeiRoyal Never Give UpJungle2021Worlds
CryinRoyal Never Give UpMid
GALARoyal Never Give UpBot2021Worlds0171
MingRoyal Never Give UpSupport2021Worlds0173
ShenyiFunPlusPheonixSupport (Sub)heal ad plz
TarzanLNG EsportsJungleLngLng
iconLNG EsportsMidGoldguns88
LightLNG EsportsBotlaozitianye
IwandyLNG EsportsSupportGNLGNL
KhanDWG KiaTopHeadache Man
CanyonDWG KiaJungleAurora time
ShowMakerDWG KiaMidSHøWMAKéR
GhostDWG KiaBot2021Worlds0148
BeryLDWG KiaSupportQJNVJuywetsf
RahelDWG Kia ADC (Sub)2021Worlds0150
GumayusiT1BotGiant Monster
KeriaT1SupportGenius Monster
MorganHanwha Life EsportsTop
WillerHanwha Life EsportsJungle
ChovyHanwha Life EsportsMid
DeftHanwha Life EsportsBot
VstaHanwha Life EsportsSupport
ArmutMAD LionsTop2021Worlds0033
ElyoyaMAD LionsJungle2021Worlds0049
HumanoidMAD LionsMid2021Worlds0011
CarzzyMAD LionsBotmommys milk yum
KaiserMAD LionsSupportmy adc cringe
OdoamneRogueTopEU POLIZEI
Hans samaRogueBot2021Worlds0053
AlphariTeam LiquidTopOG Carlito
SantorinTeam LiquidJungleJetlagIsAMyth
JensenTeam LiquidMid2021Worlds0019
TacticalTeam LiquidBotUnstoppableForce
CoreJJTeam LiquidSupportNanamiHakuya
AdamFnaticTopSigmα Grindset
BwipoFnaticJunglefor her sake
UpsetFnaticBotFNC Upset13
HylissangFnaticSupportFNC Hylissangg
Ssumday100 ThievesTopnangman topsolo
Closer100 ThievesJungleKral returns
Abbedagge100 ThievesMidagdang
FBI100 ThievesBotNA Hopium
huhi100 ThievesSupportBanande
Tenacity100 Thieves Top (Sub)dofaminu
HanabiPSG TalonTopKafuu chin0
RiverPSG TalonJungle2021Worlds0074
MaplePSG TalonMidViikingr
UnifiedPSG TalonBot2021Worlds0076
KaiwingPSG TalonSupport2021Worlds0077
FudgeCloud9TopChrollo Lücilfer
BlaberCloud9JungleChrollo Lücifer
ZvenCloud9BotC9 ZVENNN
VulcanCloud9Supporteuw tourist
BuggaxInfinity EsportsTopsushicat2
SolidSnakeInfinity EsportsJunglereset my blue
codyInfinity EsportsMidkníght zz
WhiteLotusInfinity EsportsBotTIAGO PZK
AckermanInfinity EsportsSupportACKERMÁN
CrazyGalatasaray EsportsTop2021Worlds0033
MojitoGalatasaray EsportsJungleReal MAN
BoluluGalatasaray EsportsMid2021Worlds0058
AliveGalatasaray EsportsBot2021Worlds0024
ZergstingGalatasaray EsportsSupport
GuigoRED CanidsTopssibal mosquitos
AegisRED CanidsJungleJoJo fangirlQAQ
AvengerRED CanidsMidpresetdocalabras
GrevtharRED CanidsMidB99 PERALTHAR
TitaNRED CanidsBotLasthitmagic
JojoRED CanidsSupportAegis fangirlQAQ
LiangBeyond GamingTopBYG Doggo
HuShaBeyond GamingJungleHSFFFFFFFFFF
MaoanBeyond GamingMidUMBBBBBBBBBBB
DoggoBeyond GamingBotBYG Liang
KinoBeyond GamingSupportLanPeiFang
VioletPEACEBotSt0ne Fr33
BOSSUnicorns of LoveTop
AHaHaCiKUnicorns of LoveJungle
NomanzUnicorns of LoveMid
ArgonavtUnicorns of LoveBot
SaNTaSUnicorns of LoveSupport
EviDetonatioN FocusMeTopLeapfrogger
StealDetonatioN FocusMeJungleqqwwqqww
AriaDetonatioN FocusMeMid2021Worlds0099
YutaponDetonatioN FocusMeBot2021Worlds0100
GaengDetonatioN FocusMeSupport2021Worlds0101

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