How to reserve your username for Valorant

Riot Games’ new game Valorant is about to launch in Summer 2020 and it may be a hassle to get your desired username with your desired hashtag when the game goes live. But, if you are eagerly waiting to play Valorant, you will be happy to know that with just a few simple steps you can reserve your Valorant username.

Riot Games recently announced Riot ID for their games which includes Valorant. Means in order to play any Riot Games’ games you will be needing a Riot Games account.

How to Reserve your username for Valorant

First of all, you will need to register an account with Riot Games through their official League of Legends website. You can simply create the account by providing an email address, date of birth, and a username.

Note: This username is just for logging purposes, and not an actual username which will show in-game.

Once you have created your account, you will have to go to the Riot Games official site. And have to login yourself with the account you previously created.

After successful login, you will see a RIOT ID tab. And Riot ID tab is where you will be choosing your desired username and hashtag for Valorant.

In the Riot ID section, there are two parts: username and a hashtag. Username is for in-game display name and hashtag is for uniquely identifying the username. Hashtags can be three-to-five numbers or letters.

If there is no warning after choosing username and hashtag, congrats you have reserved your username for Riot’s upcoming game Valorant.

One thing to note down, more than one person can have the same username, the only thing that differentiates the username is the hashtag. Although the hashtag will not be shown in-game.

Valorant will release in Summer 2020 and Riot already revealed the system requirements, many sneak picks about the game. But Riot did not confirm when the Beta will go live.

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