How to refund an in-game content after buying it in VALORANT

If you bought an agent, weapon skin, contract, or something else in VALORANT but didn’t like it afterward, here is a piece of good news, you can refund any in-game content after buying it in VALORANT.

VALORANT is currently on a close beta where only a limited number of people are getting beta keys via watching dropped enabled Twitch streamers. If you are among those lucky persons you should find out there are a lot of in-game contents that are purchasable.

There are five free-to-play agents in VALORANT close beta Phoenix, Sage, Sova, Brimstone, and Jett. But the other five agents Raze, Breach, Cypher, Viper, and Omen require players to earn them. There are also many weapons skins to buy as well.

Rather than spending $10 to get the rest of the five agents at once, those you have wanted to get those agents by spending a decent amount of time completing Contracts. And after buying that agent you felt that agent is not suited for you and you should have chosen another agent. Or after buying in-game content like weapon skin, contract, or something else you didn’t like it afterward. In those cases don’t worry you can refund them. You can also check out our agent tier list to get a better understanding of which agent to choose before buying.

Valorant Refund Process

Just like League of Legends, VALORANT also has a refund policy. Riot Games has said, “For the duration of the Closed Beta, you can refund most unused content within 7 days of purchase“. This means you have to refund any content prior to this 7 day period regardless of buying it using Valorant Points (VP) or Radianite Points (RP).

You can check your purchase history in VALORANT’s support site to ensure whether your purchase item is refundable or not. And if there is no issue you can refund that unused content. But if there is an issue and you are unable to refund, you can also submit a ticket to VALORANT support through this link.


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