How To Level Up Fast in Sniper Elite 5

Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
By Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
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credits: Rebellion Developments

Learn how to farm XP, level up fast, and unlock more skills, abilities, and weapons to become unstoppable in Sniper Elite 5.

To become the best World War 2 sniper and assassin in Sniper Elite 5, you need to level your character up to unlock better skills, weapons, attachments, and even skins. As you progress completing missions and objectives, you will automatically level up and get access to better equipment. But if you want to play Sniper Elite 5 the way it’s meant to be played, it is recommended to invest in farming XPs. In turn, leveling up and get all the best unlockables in the game. You’ll also enjoy the game a lot using them.

To be more specific, leveling up gains you skill points. You would want to use the skill points to unlock skills from three skill trees: Combat, Body, and Equipment. Making you stronger, faster, and smarter to decimate the Third Reich’s invasion and save the world. Additionally, weapon customization is amazing in the series, offering tons of options. You don’t want to miss it either.

credits: Rebellion Developments

Furthermore, if you’re an achievement/ trophy hunter, you would want to level up as much as you can to unlock everything. Hence, follow this short guide and learn how to farm XP and level fast in Sniper Elite 5.

Progression in Sniper Elite 5 is separate for the single-player and multiplayer components. It means you have to unlock everything separately twice if you care about those. This can be a little annoying for some players.

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Level Up Fast in Sniper Elite 5

There are four ways to farm extra XPs to level up your character fast in Sniper Elite 5, which seems like were put there to invest game time in gaining XPs. Unless you have your preferred methods, following these tried and true ways will make level up in no time.

1) Complete Optional Objective

Farm XP and Level Up Fast in Sniper Elite 5
credits: Rebellion Developments

Although Sniper Elite 5 is not an open world, each mission has a vast explorable map. To help you explore, the game offers optional objectives. These are smaller tasks ranging from collecting info, sabotaging enemy property or plans, and killing someone. Sometimes can take a bit of effort to complete, but completing them will reward you with a huge offering of XP, giving you an extra boost in leveling up fast.

Furthermore, optional objectives allow you to learn more about the environment, helping you carry on the main mission.

2) Killing Optional Targets

Killing Optional Targets
credits: Rebellion Developments

Like Optional Objectives, the game offers you Optional targets at each mission. To complete Optional Targets, you have to takedown certain vital figures in the Nazi army. Let it be essential generals, scientists, or anyone else. Killing them is not easy, especially when you’re in the latter half of the campaign, but the rewards are totally worth it. Besides, taking out an extra Nazi is always fun.

3) Keeping It Stealthy

Level Up Fast in Sniper Elite 5 Stealth
credits: Rebellion Developments

Since Sniper Elite 5 is a stealth game, it is no surprise that completing objectives with stealth and silence has its own rewards. Furthermore, you can also display your creativity more when going with the element of surprise. That’s why stealth games are fun in their own right and reward you greatly.

Try to take down enemies with ‘silent kills’ as much as possible for extra XPs. Using melee takedowns, silences, guns, and sniper fires all fall in this category.

4) Axis Invasion Mode

This is the PvP Invasion mode, where other players come into your world and try to stop you from completing your mission objectives. Basically, a Nazi sniper hunting you down. It can be thrilling, and hence, a lot of excitement runs when playing with Axis Invasion mode turned on. A lot of mind games and quick reflexes are used in this mode.

Since it’s multiplayer, the rewards for winning are great but also harder than playing against a CPU since highly skilled players will completely overpower you. So practice enough to be one of the highly skilled ones.

These are the ways to gain XP and level up fast in Sniper Elite 5. Own the battlefield and become the deadliest sniper of World War 2 France.

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Mahirul Alam Chowdhury is a writer and HR Manager at GameRiv.