How To Get Watch Dogs 2 For Free On Your Ubisoft Account

Ubisoft is going to give away Watch Dogs 2 for free due to a recent login bug that occurred during their Livestream.

Recently Ubisoft held a Livestream event called Ubisoft Forward. The purpose of the event was to reveal first looks and trailers for upcoming Ubisoft games. Some notable games were Assassins Creed: Valhalla, Far Cry 6, etc. During the event we got to see first look at Assassins Creed: Valhalla as well as Far Cry 6 world premiere trailer.

Ubisoft announced a few days back that people who attend the Livestream will be receiving rewards. The most enticing reward was Watch Dogs 2 for free. In order to get Watch Dogs players had to log in to their Ubisoft account during the Livestream.

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Many players faced an error where they could not log in to their account. Frustrated posts started appearing online about the login bug. Players would get a bug that prevented them from logging in. The error message said, “You’re blocked from logging in due to repeated failed attempts. Please come back later.”

This is the error message most players got when attempting to login.

Ubisoft’s Response About the Bug

Ubisoft Support Tweeted about the login issue and assured players that everyone will be getting Watch Dogs 2.

How To Get Watch Dogs 2 For Free

During the Livestream Ubisoft let us know that we will be getting the Ubisoft Forward rewards even if we could not log in.

Firstly you need to head to the registration page and register with your Ubisoft account in order to get the rewards. After that, you need to click on the Register button.

Then use the information of your Ubisoft account in the blanks and click the Login button and you should get the following message.

Registration confirmtaion page
Ubisoft Forward Rewards Registration Confirmation message.

If you see this message then that means you are registered for receiving the Ubisoft Forward rewards.

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