How To Get The Hulk Smasher And Hulk Buster Pickaxe For Free In Fortnite

Epic Games is bringing the Hulk Smasher pickaxe and the Hulk Buster pickaxe free for players.

Collaborations are nothing new at this point for Fortnite. It seems like every month we get a new collaboration. In this season alone we got a collaboration with DC, Samsung, Marvel and many others. We got the Aquaman skin and Captain America skin because of these collaborations.

The next big collaboration that’s coming soon is with Marvel. A new Avengers game is coming out soon and they are collaborating with Fortnite to promote their game. Square Enix is the creator of the new Avengers game. They are going to collaborate with Fortnite to being the new pickaxes for free to the Battle Royale.

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The Pickaxes

The Hulk Smasher and Hulk Buster pickaxes remind me of the prop toys that people used to buy. Big foam hands that kids used to wear and pretend to be Hulk. They should look like that in the game as well. Comically huge hands that are a pickaxe will be a new fun addition to the game. As far as I know, no other pickaxes have a style similar to these. With the addition of these pickaxes, we can finally punch trees just like in Minecraft.

How to Get into the Avengers Open Beta?

In order to get access to the Avengers open beta early you need to pre-order the Avengers game.

Playstation 4 players who preorder the game can get the early access to the open beta on August 7th. Xbox players who preorder the Avengers game have to wait until August 14th to get into the beta.

people who do not want to pre-order the game will only need to wait a bit longer. Console owners can play the free open beta on August 21st regardless if they pre-ordered or not.

The full schedule is given below.

Open Beta Dates for the Avengers Game
Credit:Epic games

How to Link Epic Games and Square Enix account?

Players who are interested in getting the pickaxes need to connect their Console, Epic Games and Square Enix accounts.

How to link accounts
Credit: Epic Games

First you need to go to you respective console website and see if your console accounts and Epic games accounts are connected or not.

Secondly you need to head over to the Square Enix website. Click login if you already have an account or click sign up to create a new account.

Then it will load you into the Square Enix account where you can click on link accounts button to link you Epic Games account with your Square Enix account.

Complete 3 HARM challenges

The final step to unlocking the rewards is to complete three wave based levels in the Avengers open beta. During the open beta there will be a set of HARM challenges. You only need to complete three and you are done.

Will The pickaxes Ever Be In The Item Shop

Yes, The pickaxes will be in the item shop at a later date. The price for them is still unknown but it will probably be in the 1200-1500 VB range.

Credit: Epic Games

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