How To Get Infinite Paragon and Renegade Points in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

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Here is a guide to help you obtain infinite Renegade and Paragon Points in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Earlier this month the most loved trilogy came out. Mass Effect Legendary Edition includes all three Mass Effects fully remastered to their full potential. The games even run at 60 FPS on the next-gen consoles. Throughout Mass effect 1, Paragona and Renegade’s points play a crucial role in the story and gameplay. So we have created a guide with which you can get unlimited Paragon and Renegade points in Mass Effect 1.

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Fans playing Mass Effect 1 can get unlimited Renegade and Paragon points through an exploit on Lorik Qui’in when they are in Port Hanshan on Noveria. However, to get this exploit, players will need to have at least five charm and five Renegade points. Also, players should do the Lorik’s mission then double-crossing Opold to Anoleas for the garage pass.

Lorik’s mission will lead you to his office, where you will need to recover pieces of evidence from the computer. After you have collected the evidence, players will have to speak with Gianna Parasini before handing it to Lorik. Gianna is staying in the hotel bar where Lorik is staying. She will be near the stairs standing next to a table across Lorik’s seat.

After you engage in a conversion with her, you have to choose the part where she asks you to make Lorik testify. After that go to Lorik and choose “Testify against Anoleis”. Next, you will get to choose between “You’d be a hero” Charm option in blue for +25 Paragon points, or the “Damn right I will”, option in red for +25 Renegade points. You can repeat the conversation to get the second option regardless of which you choose first.

Now moving to the part of the exploit, players should choose “Matriarch Benezia,” “Another Question” and “Testify Against Anoleis”. Follow this sequence, you can repeat this exploit to get Infinite Paragon, Renegade Points.

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