How to get good at Apex Legends

Apex legends is currently one of the most popular FPS game in the battle royal genre. It is a good mix between PUBG and OVERWATCH. It requires twitch aiming and good recoil control. Getting good at this game will require a lot of practice. There is no alternative to playing the game to get better at that game. But if you are a beginner this guide will not make you a pro player overnight. It will just guide you towards a better direction. Here are some tips bellow:

Good accessories
  1. Having the Right Gears :
    By right gears we mean that you need need to invest in some key components like a good mouse that can help you perform consistently. Rocket jump ninja has a great channel on youtube that can help you choose the perfect mouse that you need. Good quality mouse are really cheap now a days. So you won’t have to invest a lot of money. Next is the headset. You will also require a good pair of cans to listen to those footsteps. A good pair of headset will be a good addition to your setup. And a good quality keyboard will also be handy. But among all of them a good quality gaming mouse from a reputable company will yield tangible improvement in you game play.
Low sens gaming

2. Trying a low sensitivity
Most of the pro players in the FPS genre prefers low sens. But there are some exceptions to this. There are some high sens player who are still successful at a high level. But we would highly encourage you to give low sens a go. It should help you create muscle memory faster and can make your aim more consistent. A good mouse pad will also help you deal with that low sensitivity. At the end of the day try what you like.

3.Having a good posture is a must while gaming because a bad posture may lead to unwanted back injuries in the future. And a good posture will also help you make your mouse movement a lot better. Taking care of your posture is a must. You do not want to muster up bad habits if you want to perform consistently.

4. Movement is important in apex legends. Movements play a critical role in making sure if your opponents bullets will hit you or not. Aceu has one of the best movement guide on youtube that you can also check out.

5. Grinding is a part of getting good in any video game and apex is not an exception. You are not going to win against a squad that has more hours in the game than you. But you can try your best and have fun while doing it. At the end of the day that is what matters the most.

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