How to Get Beast Claw in Elden Ring

Elden Ring contains a lot of magnificent Incantations like Beast Claw and many more. Hop on, and let’s guide you on how to get this enchantment.

Elden Ring is the hottest stuff straight out of the oven from FromSoftware. Devs like to make souls games and play with your soul as well. They expect you to get impatient over and over, die over and over till you get used to the real-world dying. Now, if you feel like ranting, George R.R. Martin will be the man you are looking for. Where were we, again?

Elden Ring takes you to dominion where the offsprings of Queen Mariner are the ruler. They have these little pieces of Elden Ring; the Ring to rule them all, the Ring to rule all over the dominion. Roam through these stunning landscapes, fight gruesome bosses over and over, drink some water, clear your bladder, play again. That is how much addictive Elden Ring is. Rest is up to you to explore, adventurer.

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What is the Beast Claw in Elden Ring?

Beast Claw is a spell that deals quite heavy damage in mid-range. What happens basically is, when you cast this one, it will summon some waves that are straight lethal to the foes in front of you.

Let me tell you, even the motion graphics are delightful to observe at, to be precise, a mysterious one that you can cast to summon five offensive waves. It is sure to deal quite some damage to enemies.

Good to have this as a low-cost material, only going to cost you 10 FP per cast. Well, got to clear up a memory slot beforehand.

With enough FP in the pocket, I would suggest driving a rampage with this spell.

How do you get Beast Claw?

You can find Beast Claw in Bestial Sanctum. The Beast Clergyman, named Gurrang, will reward you Beast Claw. All you have to do is head to the Bestial Sanctum region, find enough Deathroot, and lend it to Gurrang. His kindness meter is so high that he will turn into a boss to embrace and show his gratitude to you. Defeat him, and there you go; Beast Claw spell is now in your inventory.

Forgot to add one point. Reach Faith level 8 as it is a prerequisite for this spell. Now you, my friend, have a fine edition in your arsenal that will make you do the Italian chef gesture.

How to use Beast Claw spell?

Charge whenever you feel like casting Beast Claw spell. It’s a strategy that I follow. Well, anything that suits you. But with enough charge, the effect of this spell will be amplified to a greater extent. You will see the waves going further than ever with enough charge. Seems deadly, innit?

Interesting fact is, this spell works remarkably well on smooth ground rather than rough surfaces. The waves cover a bit more area in smooth surfaces, which is sure to be an added advantage for you.

Last but not least, keep enough FP while facing a damned foe. Just declaring “Bankruptcy” in the mid-boss fight will not make your problems disappear.

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