How to get 20 kill games in Apex Legends

Getting 20 eliminations in apex legends is not an easy feat at all. After all, it takes good aim, good reaction, and good map knowledge to be good at apex legends. However, we hope this Apex Legends guide might help.

The most important part:

This guide will not help you if you can’t shoot a gun properly in Apex Legends. For that, we would recommend our guide on how to get good in Apex Legends.

Begin with this

Once you are confident in your abilities lets get down to business.

Map knowledge:

You will need good map knowledge for that 20 kills. See where other players are landing on the map. Try not to land in an overly crowded area. Instead, try to land in a medium contested area.

Early Loot:

For the love of dear God don’t be a loot goblin. Most of the time you already have enough items to survive a nuclear winter. Most players keep looting the entire game. If are most likely to become an easy target if you are looting all the time. After getting a decent gun and Body armor go on the offensive. If you already have 2-3 batteries you don’t need to loot anymore just go for the frags.

A good offense can be a great defense:

If the goal is to get 20 kills then being offensive is not a bad idea. Once you make a good offense it is more likely that other players are gonna panic. People will make more mistakes if they are in a panic.

Don’t thurst too much:

I see people lose a team fight because they want to secure those kills. In the process, they lose their lives. It makes sense if you are trying to get that 20 kills but most of the time you can get unnecessarily hit with bullets while you are griefing. Rather than finishing a down player use them as bait to lure their teammate. Usually, when they are downed they will ping your locations to their teammate. That teammate may push you haphazardly. Take their disarray and make it your strength.

Map rotation:

The most viable and most successful rotation for 20 kills is as follows, Sorting to Fuel Depot to Capitol, now that’s just a favorite. Trainyard for some reason too is always really populated for whatever reason.

After you try this guide you can practice a lot. This guide will definitely help you get that sweet 20 kill badge.

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