How to fix Apex Legends’ account progression bug that wiped out players’ heirlooms, skins, trackers

A recent bug has wiped out the progression data of many Apex Legends players, especially on the consoles.

Players started to reach out to EA support in droves for a fix since many players invested a lot of money to buy in-game cosmetic items like skins and heirlooms. Even battle pass progression for the current season was affected by this bug.

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Following many reports from the concerned player base, Respawn was finally able to identify the core problem. Turns out, an issue with a database shard caused this whole debacle and Respawn is already working on an update that should restore the affected players’ data soon.

How to fix tracker issues after the update

However, players might still see some lingering visual issues that appear after this update. To fix this issue, affected players need to play at least one match.

Therefore, in order to fix the problem with banners not properly showing the tracker data, players need to complete one full match. That should eliminate any further problems.

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This seems like a rough few days for Respawn as Titanfall servers are apparently facing DDoS attacks at the same time. Respawn devs are already busy trying to address all these issues with players losing their precious in-game items. At the same time, they are also working on addressing the recent DDoS attacks on their other titles.

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