How To Complete Mystique’s Awakening Challenges in Fortnite

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Credit: Epic Games

This guide will teach you how to complete Mystique’s Awakening Challenges in Fortnite to unlock her built-in emote and turn into other players’ skins.

Mystique’s awakening challenges unlock upon reaching battle pass level 86 in Fortnite season 4. If you did most of your weekly challenges and daily challenges then you should have reached this stage. Even if you didn’t reach tier 86, some of you might be very close to reaching it. This guide will help you to complete Mystique’s awakening challenges by pointing you in the right direction.

Once you unlock the awakening challenges for Mystique, you can go ahead and complete them to unlock her built-in emote. When you use this emote after eliminating an enemy you can turn into that player’s skin for a brief amount of time.

There are three parts to the Mystique’s awakening challenge. Completing each part will unlock the next part of the challenge. The challenges are not difficult in any way but take a bit of time and dedication. Another important thing to note is that you need to equip the Mystique skin for these challenges to count towards completing.

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Mystique Awakening Challenges: part 1

For this first part, you need to ‘Use a phone booth as Mystique’ to disguise yourself. This can be done by dropping into a solo, duos, squads game, and landing at Doom’s Domain. Upon landing there you will see red phone booths and you simply need to use one and the first part of the challenge will be completed.

Dooms Domain Phone Booth
Phone Booth in Doom’s Domain Credit: Epic Games
Mystique Awakening challenge Doom's Domain Phone-booth locations
Doom’s Domain Phone Booth location Credit: Epic Games

Mystique Awakening Challenges: part 2

For the second part, you need to ‘Deal damage with different rarity pistols’. This challenge is not very tough but takes a bit of time. The rarity of the pistol does not matter as you can use any three rarities of pistols.

Simply keep looting chests and you will be lucky enough to find them. You don’t need to deal damage with three rarities of pistols in a single match for this challenge.

Mystique Awakening Challenges: part 3

For the third and last part of the challenge you simply need to ‘Emote after eliminating an enemy‘. You need to have the Mystique skin equipped while doing this challenge. Upon eliminating an enemy simply open your emote wheel and you will see Mystique’s built-in emote. Use the emote and the challenge will be completed.

Mystique Awakening challenge
Mystique Awakening Challenge Credit: Epic Games

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