How To Complete Fortnite ‘Gnome More War’ For Free 45,000 XP


Fortnite released 12.60 update yesterday and it reminds us that season 2 is about to end. Players are still struggling with leveling up their battle pass levels to 300 for the Golden Peely skin. But Fortnite added another secret quest with 15,000 XP as a reward.

The latest quest that got added is probably the last of the secret quests that give 15,000 XP each. This is part of the Gnome More war story-line that has players stop a war between teddy bears and gnomes.

These quests are a side story running side by side with the main storyline of season 2. Fortnite kept adding more quests to this storyline with each update.

With the latest 12.60 updates a new quest has been added as part of the teddy vs gnome war side story.

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Complete ‘Teddies Liberated’ For 15,000 XP

This is the first quest in the secret quest-line and here is how to complete it.

Complete “Disarm The Teddys” For 15,000 XP

This challenge is the 2nd part of the war between gnomes and teddies. and here is how to complete it.

Complete ‘Celebrate The Truce’ For 15,000 XP

Fortnite added this secret quest in the latest update for 15,000 XP reward.

That sums up the secret quests that will award a total of 45,000 XP almost for free. this extra boost will surely help players in their grind for the Golden Peely skin.

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