How To Claim The Cycle-‘Rogue Started Pack’ Worth 40$ For Free

The Rogue Starter Pack for the Game The Cycle is currently free and here’s how you can get it.

What Kind of Game is The Cycle?

The cycle is a PVEVP(Player VS Environment VS Player) Game developed by Yager Studios and released back in August of 2019. The game is a free to play game currently available on the Epic Games Store.

In this game, 20 players are spawned on a hostile planet called Fortuna III. The main task of the player is to collect rare resources as part of contracts given by one of three factions of their choosing.

The ultimate goal of the game is to complete these contracts and leave the hostile planet safely. The only problem is that other players also want to achieve the same but the number of seats on the spaceship is limited.

So already it is starting to sound a lot interesting. Players can also ambush and kill other players to secure their spot on the escaping spaceship.

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I’m not gonna go too much in-depth about the game because we are here to learn how to get the Rogue Starter pack for free.

The Cycle
Credit: The Cycle game

How to Get the Rogue Starter Pack

The Cycle is a free-to-play game on the Epic Games store with cosmetic microtransactions. But The Rogue Starter pack worth 40$ is being given away for free until July 22.

The First step that needs to be done is to open the Epic Games Launcher. Then you need to click on the top right search bar and type in “The Cycle” and click Enter.

How to get Starter pack step 1
Step 1

The Next step is to click on the Cycle Game icon. Scroll down a little bit to find add-ons. Besides the ‘Rogue Started Pack’ should be a button called Get.

how to get starter pack 2
Step 2

Click on the Get button and then follow the next prompt and click Place Order and the starter pack should be added to your Epic games account.

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