How Legends usage changed from day one vs now in Apex Legends

Wraith is still at the top

Apex Legends has changed a lot since the release back in February 2019. As the new season comes near that will surely make some big changes meta wise let’s take a look back into the good old days of pure unadulterated Apex.

When the game first released it was an instant success as almost all the known twitch streamers, content creators were playing the game on release day. Since no one knew what the meta actually was everybody was experimenting with new Legends to see if it fits their own personal playstyle.

To say it was the golden era of Apex Legends would be an understatement. Before all the character nerfs and buffs it was a pure wonderland of creativity. As the game grew some obvious favorite came on top. Let’s see what really changed about the OG Legends since day one vs now right before season 4 with Revenant.

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Even after the latest speed nerf paired with cooldown nerf, TTV’s and most pro’s still thought it is one of the popular Legends. On day one nobody actually cared about hitboxes so there were no extra damage for small characters like Wraith as it is right now.

Wraith’s abilities are really useful at all stages of the game that is why Wraith is still one of the most popular Legends as of today. Wraith’s pick rate is the highest among all the other Legends at 22.64%.


Pathfinder also received its share of nerfs because pros were really abusing the grapple to swing around like spiderman. Pathfinders’ mobility made it really popular among players who were just coming out from Titanfall.

Pathfinders’ passive and survivability during battle has made it quite a choice for pro’s and streamers alike. So, the Legends usage is only second to Wraith at 20.85%.


Lifeline was and still is one of the most popular Legends. Since then the Legends character usage and pick rate are nowhere near at release. Lifeline’s usage is still the third-highest in Apex Legends. With usage at 10.35%, it’s clear that the Legend is still popular among players.


Bloodhound was very popular when the game was first released. Some players were calling the Legends Ultimate to be too overpowered. Unfortunately for Bloodhound, the popularity didn’t last very long. As soon as players realized that Bloodhound’s ultimate create a lot of noise, it became apparent that this Legends no longer possed the wonder of day one.

Nowadays even with some buffs, the popularity of the character has died down. You will hardly see any Bloodhound main since season one. Its usage is at the lower end at only 4.85%.


Bangalore usage rate was normal at the beginning of the game. As time passed the Legend’s usage also gone down with it. It is not that the Legend is useless or anything but in competitive play, it doesn’t have the same escape ability with smoke as Wraith. Bangalore usage sits around a healthy 8.62%.


Caustic was one of few characters in Apex that you had to either buy or earn with Legend points. Its popularity was average in those days. But now even after some buffs, this Legend is not the most popular. Caustic sit around a low 4.88% pick rate which is only better than Mirage.


Gibraltar aka “Gibby” usage was pretty ok during the early days but the popularity went down with the hitbox controversy. Gibraltar had the biggest hitbox out of all the Legends, as a result, his pick rate was really low. Since then Gibby has received quite a lot of buffs to the point where Gibraltar has become a true TANK. Gibraltar pick rate is now at a healthy 7.68%.


Mirage usage was decent at release but right now Mirage has the lowest pick rate at only 3.69%. He is the least used Legend that was present at launch day. In season 2 Mirage did receive some much-needed buff but as it stands it is still not enough.

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