How can Respawn buff Wattson effectively in Apex Legends Legacy?

Apex Legends’ adorable Nessy-loving electrical engineer is in dire need of some love from Respawn.

While Wattson was pretty popular in ranked matches and high-level competitions, her pick rate in normal public matches has never been good. In the current meta, almost all of the top teams have left Wattson for newer legends in both ranked and official competitions.

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As Apex has always been a movement-focused game, legends that have some sort of movement-based abilities tend to be really popular among the player base. Unfortunately, it is quite the opposite for legends like Wattson and Rampart who are more focused on defending a site from attackers.

In the current season, most players in the Apex Legends community truly believe Wattson needs some sort of buff from Respawn to be more viable. In the last couple of seasons, Respawn experimented with her tactical fence, but it didn’t make any notable changes.

Wattson buff ideas

Wattson is a really tricky character to properly balance as she is meant to be a defender in a fast-paced action-focused shooter like Apex. And giving her too much power might ruin the game for other players.

However, most Wattson players feel in the current iteration of the game, Wattson just can’t keep up. Some fans have come up with some concepts on how they can more effectively give her more power without going too far.

One fan suggests giving her a passive that would give Wattson the ability to revive downed teammates with one additional shield charge. This would go perfectly with her custom revive animation.

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While it may not sound like much, getting back up with some extra shields can be a huge deal in those chaotic fights. Giving Wattson more team-focused utilities would make her more prevalent in the current meta.

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