Hogwarts Legacy: How to Link Harry Potter Fan Club profile and WB Games Account?

You might want to know how you can link your Harry Potter Fan Club profile and WB Games Account.

2023 should be one of the years that will put a milestone; just a wild prediction of mine. On the 10th of February, Hogwarts will release its legacy, which is what I’m eagerly waiting for. And yes, my year will start from that day. Watching the movie series was not enough; I want to spell out all the available cast to my extent.

We already know that Hogwarts Legacy will have a massive open-world theme, and I hope that covers the Azkaban Prison; no particular reasons. Now, for the enthusiasts who pre-ordered Hogwarts Legacy, WB Games have planned some more exclusive items. And that is all about what I will be discussing today. Hop in!

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Linking WB Games Account and Harry Potter Fan Club Account

For the fellow wizards of Oz, no wait; of Hogwarts, you will receive a Beaked Skull Mask and House Fanatic School Robe. And yes, the robes are different for each of the Houses. You will also receive a cool wallpaper. Gee, I wonder where I’m gonna put that up.

How to link the Harry Potter Fan Club profile and WB Games Account in Hogwarts Legacy?

I assume you are ready with your WB Games account. Well, that sorts out half of our discussion. Now, let’s head to the real dub-steps we are about to take:

  • Start with creating a Harry Potter Official Fan Club account from here.
  • Put in your necessary infos and create a new account.
  • Choose your house. I would suggest everything other than Gryffindor, as they lose most of the points over the year; I’m kidding. You can choose your house by the infamous sorting hat. It will not judge you, I promise.
  • Choose your Patronus. This is a quiz, and you have to finish it in a certain amount of time.
  • After that, you will have the option to choose wands. Choose the best one.
  • There will be another quiz after that. Now, you have to answer some more questions. Give your best.
  • Now, your profile is good to go.
  • Head to the WB Games from here after that and login to your account.
  • Look for the Connection page on the account site. From there, connect to the Harry Potter Fan Club.

You can also connect to the consoles on which you will be playing Hogwarts Legacy.

Now, wait for the release. Upon launching the game and finishing the intro sequence, head to the Cosmetics option. You will find the robes there.

And that is how you can link your WB Games Account and Harry Potter Fan Club Account. Cheers!

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