Hogwarts Legacy: Best Wizard and Witch Names

You are a [Wizard/ Witch], [Random internet person]! Learn more about choosing the best Wizard and Witch names before enrolling into the world of Hogwarts Legacy.

One of the most anticipated “game.exe” has been dropped, and we cannot hold our Hippogriff. And even before starting the Hogwarts Legacy as a Fifth-year student, we all must go through that damned process of choosing our names and character appearance. Whatever nametag and appearance you choose, remember this burden will be kept until the very end of the game.

Now, to talk about choosing your nametag, you cannot just choose any random Nametag and say Wizard Master Yogesh is gonna cast Avadakedavra. Or even slightly better, like Dark Wizard Rajesh Potter has been expelled due to a serious Internet scam. I’m taking this a bit too far. Where were we?

Now, there is a little theory is that when there is something to choose for ourselves, we tend to forget even what we like. With that sense in mind, choosing a Wizardry or Witch-y name in the Hogwarts Legacy can be quite painful and distressful. And that is why I came up today with random shots on names that you might put as a tag.

Without further ado, let’s see the name tags that I have in my stash. Hop on the Hippogriff!

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Best names in Hogwarts Legacy

There are tons of name generators surfing around the web. Just, look for one, and you will surely land on something you like in a minute or two. However, just like choosing the best character appearances in the character design menu, needless to say, the time it might take just to choose a random Wizardry name.

Before we get into the name generators, let’s look for some of my suggested names that might be suitable for each house. Let’s get into this!

Best Names for the Gryffindor House

The people of Gryffindor House have a long and rich history of bravery. Moreover, their bravery runs parallel with their elegance. And they tend to show tremendous bravery in each aspect of their life. To match with this, I can think of the following:

Male Names

  • Dennis Whitmore
  • Albus Greyback
  • Odarin Stone
  • Alotaz Black
  • Cornelius Gallagher

Female Names

  • Akely Morgan
  • Haylee Whitmore
  • Ellaes Froztolian
  • Azohra Elratix
  • Gytha Fawley

Best Names for the Ravenclaw House

My dream house, the house of Ravenclaw. People from this house tend to be quite some intelligent creatures. They are creative and sharp. They do have a great sense, let it be the sense of humor or the sense of banter. Did you know the bird in the logo is Eagle, not a Raven?

Male Names

  • Agrus Hooch
  • Adroprix Woods
  • Ashley Finnigan
  • Gellert Cloven
  • Erazahl Mystio

Female Names

  • Zillora Trelawney
  • Ellaes Midgen
  • Zekely Finnigan
  • Luffea Alcheminus
  • Dofaris Goyle

Best Names for the Slytherin House

The logo itself is hissing already. And here we are at the infamous House of Slytherin. The name gives themselves away. They are sly, cunning, and highly ambitious. This high ambition leads them toward an eternal hunger for power. If they control it, they are the best of the best. And if not, they shall remain as “They who must not be named.”

Male Names

  • Salazar Bannahandra
  • Thifeus Nuclario
  • Devin Villalobos
  • Kinsey Alahozora
  • Dwight Crevius

Female Names

  • Iphiharise Evaneszar
  • Ollidyrin Grove
  • Vefaris Wyrm
  • Wilioa Ripper
  • Narcissa Pediggri

Best Names for the Hufflepuff House

Hufflepuff has had loyalty running under their blood since the beginning of time. They are very well known for their hard-working ability and endurance. They carry uttermost patience even in the time when it seems all over.

Male Names

  • Zulore McGonagall
  • Cynric Greengrass
  • Uthar Bagshot
  • Zacharis Stereos
  • Hamilton Fairfax

Female Names

  • Odewyn Maganiti
  • Iris Beasley
  • Irune Hagrid
  • Myrtle Mortem
  • Hazel Tenebris

And that is all I bagged for the best names that can go with the Wizard and Witch of tomorrow in Hogwarts Legacy. Let me Leviosa on my way out!

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