Hogwarts Legacy: Best Ways to Level Up Fast

There are some significant ways that you can use to level up fast and enjoy the harmonious adventure of life at Hogwarts Legacy. This guide will show you the best ways to level up fast.

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can live the dream of your life at Hogwarts and feel every enthusiasm, like in the Harry Potter series. You can also go to well-known locations like the Forbidden Forest and Dragon Alley, among many more. You decide the gender of your character, and you can alter any other aspect as you see fit. Players get access to supernatural friends like Mooncalves, Trolls, and Dragons. You can also become a member of any of the houses you want.

Players will be tasked with various missions, quests, and exploratory tasks throughout the game; if they complete or meet the requirements, they will quickly level up and access vital goods and spells, different fighting styles, and other abilities. There are not only Main Quests but also Side Quests that need to be completed to go forward in your gameplay.

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Best Ways to Level Up Fast

Hogwarts Legacy: Best Ways to Level Up Fast
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The best ways to level up fast in Hogwarts Legacy are down below:

Do Combats and Win: The Battle Arenas

You can play in all Battle Arenas in Hogwarts Legacy, and if you are playing the Deluxe Edition of this game, you can also get the Dark Arts Battle Arena for free. In those places, you can show your spell skills, fight off enemies, and earn rewards to level up quickly.

Wizard Field Guide Quests

Wizard Field Guide is a book from Sir Weasley in the Hogwarts Legacy, where you will find various Quests and challenges you can perform to level up faster.

Some of the Quests and challenges are:

  • Field Guide Pages: Read the instructions in the book by Weasley and find all the pages
  • Room of Requirement: Upgrade and update your Weapons and care for pets
  • Combat: Find and defeat enemies and deal damage
  • Exploration: Explore Hogwarts and find the magical secrets of spells, Hogwarts, Merlin Trial, and collect items, etc
  • Quests: Complete all types of Quests

You can see the lists in the book and gradually complete all of the Challenges to earn XP and level up quickly.

You can gather up the Field Guide Pages by various Spells, like;

  • Incendio
  • Reparo
  • Levioso
  • Lumos
  • Revelio
  • Accio

For example, with the Spell Lumos, you will see the lost months in Hogwarts Legacy; with Reapro, you can fix broken objects and much more.

Complete Tasks

While you explore and do combats, you will also need to;

  • Learn Spells
  • Solve Puzzles
  • Find and unlock Treasure Chests
  • Fight off Beasts
  • Find all the pages etc

In these ways, you can level up quickly in Hogwarts Legacy.

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