Hogwarts Legacy: Best Wand Core

Like in the movies, the Hogwarts Legacy also lets you choose your own wand. Here is the best wand core for you to choose from in the game.

Hogwarts Legacy is the definitive way to enjoy the world of Harry Potter in a game setting. Even though the game takes place in the 1800s, way before the movies, it is still a good representation of what it feels like to be a student of Hogwarts and go on an adventure.

Hogwarts Legacy starts you off as a fifth-year transfer student at Hogwarts. This avoids the phase of starting as a kid and then fast-forwarding until the characters get older enough to go adventuring. Even though you start as a fifth year, since you are new to Hogwarts, you will still go through all the steps of entering Hogwarts.

One of the main choices of the game is choosing your wand. You can customize the handle of your wand, but the top will remain the same after the initial choice. You can choose a few things for the wand, and the Wand core is one of them. Here is the best wand core to choose in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Best Wand Core in Hogwarts Legacy

Choosing your wand is one of the experiences you must go through before becoming a full-fledged witch or wizard. It is a magical experience for many. While choosing the wand at Ollivander’s shop, you will be given three options to choose the wand core. These are:

  • Dragon Heartstring
  • Unicorn Hair
  • Phoenix Feather

It can be a tough decision to make, but each of these materials has a short description of them, noting what each one represents. This will make the choice of wand core easier for the players. However, from a gameplay perspective, all three wand cores are the same. None of these provides any additional buffs or nerfs to the player.

So no matter which one you choose, the gameplay will be no different. Thus the choice is in the pure aesthetic only. As a result, there is no best wand core in the game. All three wand cores are the same. You can choose whichever you want and play through the game normally.

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