Hogwarts Legacy: Best House In The Game

Learn about the best House you can fit yourself in Hogwarts Legacy.

You have self-taught yourself for Four years, then got admitted to a school of wizards, got attacked by an unknown and untagged dragon on your first day, fought with a guardian, faced a prison-break goblin, saw the death of a member of the ministry department, and sorted yourself in a house of this great school of wizard; all happened in one day. And that is how Hogwarts Legacy starts.

Needless to say, the starting was quite a thriller. But that wasn’t even the beginning. However, before you get more into the depth, you should know about the houses in Hogwarts Legacy. These houses and the house members will be with you until your graduation. So you better know everything about these houses.

Moreover, you must know a little before sorting yourself out in a house. I know, you are a big geek, and you already know which House should be the best one in Hogwarts Legacy. But, I think you will reconsider at the end of this article. Let’s see what I can offer you from a complete zone of neutral.

Now, let’s find the best House in Hogwarts Legacy without further ado.

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All Houses in Hogwarts Legacy

Now, before we even conclude, let me give you the basic features of all of these houses. Later on, you may already guess which House is the best one you can attend apart from the one that is already in your head.

House Gryffindor

Let’s start with the fan-favorite and popular in the market since the beginning of all.

House Gryffindor has a rich history of bravery. It runs under their veins parallelly with elegance. They are well-known for putting up their bravery in front of everything, in every aspect of their life.

Now, the House Gryffindor is Red. Precisely, Royal Red, just like the red rubies in the logo. The curtains are fetched with the life-long rich history of House Gryffindor. It gives off the vibe that the Royalty, like the Lion in the logo, that is running from generation to generation.

The common room is another thing to add here. Whole place is very well-lit. It radiates an extra warmth that makes you feel cozy even if you do not want to. Just grab a cup of tea and get into an argument with the Fat Lady portrait.

Now, there is a unique quest line for House Gryffindor. Upon interacting with some certain characters in House Gryffindor, you can access the quest “The Hunt for the Missing Pages.”

House Ravenclaw

One of the sky predators, the Eagle, represents the Ravenclaws. An Eagle has sharp eyes, keen vision, and obviously creative. No wonder the people from the House Ravenclaw should carry the same trait. Moreover, they are well known to be competitive in every sector.

House Ravenclaw has this minimalist-looking vibe that you really should look into. And if you are a bibliophile, you will definitely want to ask the Sorting Hat to reconsider his wisdom. The blue sapphire gemstone gives color to the whole House Ravenclaw. This Royal Blue also represents the sky.

You will also see the carpet that is colored midnight blue. On top of your head, you will notice the dome is made up of glass, giving you the full view of the night sky, precisely. The arched windows give that aesthetic vibes that you love in an instant.

You will be on the “Ollivander’s Heirloom” mission that is specific to the House Ravenclaw.

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House Slytherin

The name gives themselves away. They are sly, cunning, and highly ambitious. This high ambition leads them toward an eternal hunger for power. If they control it, they are the best of the best. And if not, they shall remain as “They who must not be named.”

The venomous snake and the green Emerald represent the House Slytherin. The whole House is full of dungeons. The ambiance is cold, and the place looks gloomy, overall, gothic. However, the entire place gives off a cool and peaceful vibe; that hardly goes with the Slytherins.

You will definitely catch on with the murals on the wall. They seem like they fetched directly during the Victorian Era. Precisely, the whole of victorian history might have been followed by the murals. Indeed, the dark-green theme has suited House Slytherin the way it should be.

You will be able to access the “Scrope’s Last Hope” side quest that is for the Slytherin members only.

House Hufflepuff

Hufflepuff has had loyalty running under their blood since the beginning of time. They are very well known for their hard-working ability and endurance. They carry uttermost patience even in the time when it seems all over.

A Badger represents the Hufflepuffs. Hard work seems to get its source. A yellow Diamond represents House Hufflepuff. Quite obvious, as the Diamond is made under pressure, and that is how a Hufflepuff becomes a man by the end of the day.

This House is the perfect place for the ones that want to merge with nature. And without a doubt, mother nature will provide them with the finest. Plants here and there, flowers blooming or about to bloom, are the most common scenario in House Hufflepuff. The common room is mostly engraved with plants hanging from the roof to give you the vibe of wanting you to feel them, submerged with them.

You will be able to play “Prisoner of Love” if you are a Hufflepuff.

Best House in Hogwarts Legacy

Let me beat the drum for you…And it is the Eagles that fetched the Quidditch Cup for being the best out there. The minimalist and aesthetic vibe sure to blooms way out of the other houses. The vast sky is what makes House Ravenclaw a Ravenclaw.

And this is all I had for the best House in Hogwarts Legacy. Up until next time, cheerio!

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