Hogwarts Legacy: All Spells & Abilities

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Hogwarts Legacy: All Spells & Abilities

Learn about all the spells and the abilities in Hogwarts Legacy.

Pick up a random stick, put some Avada Kedavra to activate it, and there you go; the stick is now officially approved by the Wizard society to cast a spell with. This is how we used to play back in the day. However, as the release date of Hogwarts Legacy is almost near, you, my fellow wizard, might want to know about all the spells you can cast on your lousy friend.

To cast a spell, you need to chant an incantation. That does not depend on your intentions, so you need to memorize a bunch of those to apply on various occurrences. Say, you do not want to complete your homework with Avada Kedavra or something like this.

In this guide, we will be discussing all the spells and abilities you can use in Hogwarts Legacy. Hop in without further ado!

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All Spells and Abilities in Hogwarts Legacy

Until now, we have come to know that about Twenty types of spells are available in Hogwarts Legacy. These are for Defensive, Offensive, and miscellaneous uses. Let’s go through these:

Offensive Spells and Abilities

You can use multiple spells to put your foes behind the enemy line. However, most of them are part of Dark Art.

  • Accio = Summons a random object toward the caster
  • Avada Kedavra = Causes an instantaneous and painless death
  • Confringo = Causes the target to explode
  • Crucio = Inflicts intense and excruciating pain on the victim
  • Depulso = Banishes the target
  • Diffindo = Pierces objects
  • Expelliarmus = To disarm the foe
  • Imperio = To take control over the target
  • Leviosa = To levitate an object
  • Oppungo = Directs random object to attack the foe
  • Petrificus Totalus = Temporary paralyzes the foe
  • Stupefy = Stuns the foe

Defensive Spells and Abilities

Below are the defensive spells you can use to eliminate any incoming threats:

  • Arresto Momentum = Slows down the target
  • Protego = Protects from incoming threats

Miscellaneous Spells and Abilities

The spells below are for everyday usage. Who knows, you might find a better use for them.

  • Aberto = Opens doors
  • Aguamenti = Conjures water
  • Alohomora = Unlocks objects
  • Descendo = Causes objects to fall or move downwards
  • Incendio = Conjures fire
  • Lumos = Conjures light
  • Reducto = Destroys solid objects
  • Reparo = Repairs objects
  • Revelio = Reveals concealed objects

How to Use Spells in Hogwarts Legacy

All the spells are divided into two types: Those that can be placed in slots and those that are essentials. You will have several slots to put the spells that you fancy and can access them with a slot wheel.

Essential ones are more like, more usable than the other ones. Means you might have to use these on a regular basis. These will be placed in a more accessible wheel.

Cross Wands Duelling Club

This club is basically a practice arena for the wizards. Cast any spells to your heart’s content and perfect those moves. You will find this club in the Clock Tower. You can even increase your spell-casting speed. Moreover, you will get the basic ideas to use the combos and all other potions that might come in handy as cooldowns.

And this is all I had for the spells and abilities in Hogwarts and Legacy. Hope to come back with more from this. Cheers!

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