Hogwarts Legacy: All Challenges & Rewards

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Hogwarts Legacy: All Challenges & Rewards

Learn about all the challenges you will face along with their rewards in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy will bring back memories, all the memories we have been through. All these houses, their legacies, familiar places around Hogwarts, and maybe one or two known characters from the movie and book franchise.

In returning memories, you will roam around Hogwarts, completing quests, looting chests, completing more side quests, and eventually, you will seal your fate at the very end of the game. It depends on you if you want to stay on the path of light or to choose to be amongst them “who should never be named.”

However, on the way to seal your fate, you must face several challenges. All of these are connected to the main story, so you do not have to worry about missing any of them.

Without further ado, let’s jump into all the challenges in Hogwarts Legacy and their rewards.

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All Challenges & Rewards in Hogwarts Legacy

There are a total of Twenty-Four challenges throughout the game. Moreover, each of these challenges has multiple tiers to complete. After completing each challenge, you must manually collect the rewards from the Challenge menu.

Now, these 24 challenges fall under Five categories; Combat, Exploration, Field Guide Pages, Quests, and Room of Requirements. Let’s roll into these in depth.


Combat challenges are more or less like duels. Defend yourself, and attack your foes with all you have. There are several types of foes to a duel to complete all the Combat challenges. More details are below.

Dark Wizards

You will find Dark Wizards mostly in Battle Arenas and Bandit Camps. Moreover, you will discover Trait Chests in these camps as additional rewards.

1Defeat 10 Dark WizardsDragonhide Protector’s Cloak
2Defeat 20 Dark WizardsProtector’s Ensemble
3Defeat 40 Dark WizardsProtego Shielding I
4Defeat 70 Dark WizardsProtego Shielding II
5Defeat 100 Dark WizardsProtego Shielding III
Dark Wizards Challenges

Dueling Feats

During combat, you will see some optional challenges to fulfill. Upon completing these, you will get your rewards. Points to be noted, challenges are given randomly and do not depend on the foes.

1Complete 5 Dueling FeatsOfficer’s Uniform
2Complete 10 Dueling FeatsOfficer’s Hat
3Complete 20 Dueling FeatsHalloween Pumpkin Mask
4Complete 32 Dueling FeatsAutumn Festival Coat
5Complete 42 Dueling FeatsDemiguise Mask
Dueling Feats Challenges


Dubogs should be found theoretically in swamp areas. And in Hogwarts Legacy, to complete Dugbogs challenges, you will find these magical creatures in the South Sea Bog region.

1Defeat 5 DugbogsAmphibial Protection I
2Defeat 10 DugbogsAmphibial Protection II
3Defeat 20 DugbogsAmphibial Protection III
Dugbog Challenges


Goblins can be found in Battle Arenas, just like the Dark Wizards. Moreover, you might also have some luck in the Coastal Cavern region.

1Defeat 30 GoblinsGoblin-Silver Resistance I
2Defeat 60 GoblinsGoblin-Silver Resistance II
3Defeat 100 GoblinsGoblin-Silver Resistance III
Goblins Challenges

Infamous Foes

The Infamous Foes are lurking around in the bandit camps mostly. However, they frequently spawn during the side quests, so meeting them is not hard after all.

1Defeat 3 Infamous FoesAvenging Wolf Mask
2Defeat 6 Infamous FoesAvenging Owl Mask
3Defeat 12 Infamous FoesAvenging Raven Mask
Infamous Foes Challenges


You can find Inferis in dens, most of the time. Interestingly, Sebastian seems to attract these, so whenever you are on a quest with him, you will see Inferis every now and then.

1Defeat 10 InferiNecromantic Protection I
2Defeat 20 InferiNecromantic Protection II
3Defeat 36 InferiNecromantic Protection III
Inferi Challenges


The Eastern Valley of Hogwarts is the hotspot for the Mongrels.

1Defeat 10 MongrelsLupus Protection I
2Defeat 20 MongrelsLupus Protection II
3Defeat 30 MongrelsLupus Protection III
Mongrels Challenges


Itsy-bitsy Spiders will spawn the most in the “Tangled Web” and “Foal of the Dead” side quest. Try to finish this challenge by then. However, Spiders can also be found at night, free roaming around Hogwarts.

1Defeat 10 SpidersSpider Slayer Armor
2Defeat 20 SpidersSpider Slayer Helmet
3Defeat 40 SpidersAnti-Venom I
4Defeat 70 SpidersAnti-Venom II
5Defeat 80 SpidersAnti-Venom III
Spider Challenges


The best place to find them is in the Battle Arena of Feldcroft. Other than that, you can find them in dens or in the Southern part of Marunweem Lake. You are also welcome to shoot a shot in Manor Cape.

1Defeat 5 TrollsCushioning I
2Defeat 10 TrollsCushioning II
3Defeat 15 TrollsCushioning III
Trolls Challenges


Exploration is all about looting chests, finding items and relics, and that is all. Some of the challenges also include solving puzzles. You will have good times while being on this challenge.

Ancient Magic Trees

1Collect All Traces From 2 Ancient Magic HotspotsIncreased capacity in the Ancient Magic Meter
2Collect All Traces From 6 Ancient Magic HotspotsSAME
3Collect All Traces From 12 Ancient Magic HotspotsSAME
Ancient Magic Trees Challenges

Astronomy Tables

1View Constellations from 5 Unique Astronomy TablesStarry-Eyed Seer’s Scard
2View Constellations from 5 Unique Astronomy TablesStarry-Eyed Seer’s Ensemble
3View Constellations from 5 Unique Astronomy TablesStarry-Eyed Seer’s Cape
Astronomy Tables Challenges

Hogwarts Secrets

1Solve 1 Hogwarts SecretSecret Solver’s Bathing Costume
2Solve 1 Hogwarts SecretTailored Tailcoat
3Solve 1 Hogwarts SecretFashionable Dress Robes
Hogwarts Secrets Challenges

Landing Platforms

1Complete 2 Landing PlatformsQuidditch Captain’s Uniform
2Complete 4 Landing PlatformsQuidditch Captain’s Helmet
3Complete 6 Landing PlatformsQuidditch Captain’s Gloves
4Complete 8Landing PlatformsQuidditch Captain’s Cape
Landing Platforms Challenges

Merlin Trials

1Solve 2 Merlin TrialsInventory Expansion
2Solve 6 Merlin TrialsSAME
3Solve 10 Merlin TrialsSAME
4Solve 14 Merlin TrialsSAME
5Solve 20 Merlin TrialsSAME
Merlin Trials Challenges

Pop Balloons

1Pop 2 Sets of Balloons while your BroomNight Dancer Broom
2Pop 5 Sets of Balloons while riding your BroomLickety Swift Broom
3Pop 10 Sets of Balloons while riding your BroomWild Fire Broom
4Pop 15 Sets of Balloons while riding your BroomBright Spark Broom
Pop Balloons Challenges

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Field Guide Pages

You will see pages flying around every now and then. All you have to do is, catch them, fetch them, and complete the Field Guide book. You will come across this challenge in Highlands, Hogwarts, and Hogsmeade.

Location: Highlands

1Collect 2 Field Guide PagesHighland Explorer Cap
2Collect 4 Field Guide PagesHighland Explorer Garb
3Collect 8 Field Guide PagesHighland Explorer Cloak
4Collect 16 Field Guide PagesHighland Explorer Gloves
Field Guide Pages: Highlands Challenges

Location: Hogwarts

1Collect 2 Field Guide PagesHogwarts Regalia Spectacles
2Collect 2 Field Guide PagesHogwarts Regalia Gloves
3Collect 2 Field Guide PagesHogwarts Regalia Hat
4Collect 2 Field Guide PagesHogwarts Regalia Ensemble
5Collect 2 Field Guide PagesHogwarts Regalia Robe
Field Guide Pages: Hogwarts Challenges

Location: Hogsmeade

1Collect 2 Field Guide PagesZonko’s Chief Prankster Spectacles
2Collect 8 Field Guide PagesZonko’s Chief Prankster Hat
3Collect 15 Field Guide PagesZonko’s Chief Prankster Coat
4Collect 25 Field Guide PagesZonko’s Chief Prankster Ensemble
Field Guide Pages: Hogsmeade Challenges


Quests include Assignments, Main and Side quests. Just progress through the story, and you will be done with these.


1Complete 2 AssignmentsTop of the Class Scarf
2Complete 4 AssignmentsTop of the Class Ensemble
3Complete 6 AssignmentsTop of the Class Cloak

Main Quests

1Complete 2 Main Story QuestsLegendary Gloves
2Complete 4 Main Story QuestsLegendary Cape
3Complete 6 Main Story QuestsLegendary Armored Attire
4Complete 8 Main Story QuestsLegendary Mask
5Complete 14 Main Story QuestsStone Necklace
Main Quests

Side/ Relationship Line Quests

1Complete 3 Side/ Relationship QuestsBooking Half-Rim Spectacles
2Complete 6 Side/ Relationship QuestsLucky Leprechaun Gloves
3Complete 10 Side/ Relationship QuestsLucky Leprechaun Hat
4Complete 18 Side/ Relationship QuestsLucky Leprechaun Ensemble
5Complete 32 Side/ Relationship QuestsLucky Leprechaun Overcoat
Side/ Relationship Line Quests

Room of Requirement

These are the only challenges you will have to least worry about. These are connected to the main storyline directly. Means you will complete these even if you do not want to.

Breed Unique Beasts

1Breed 10 Unique BeastsLegendary Masquerade Mask
Breed Unique Beasts Challenge

Rescue Beasts

1Rescue 10 BeastsBillywig Hive Spellcraft
2Rescue 20 BeastsMagic Chime Spellcraft
3Rescue 30 BeastsPhoenix Statue Spellcraft
Rescue Beasts Challenges

Upgrade Your Gear

1Upgrade your gear 5 TimesAncient Magic I
2Upgrade your gear 10 TimesAncient Magic II
3Upgrade your gear 15 TimesAncient Magic III
Upgrade Your Gear Challenges

And that is all I have for the challenges you will face and the rewards you will get for in Hogwarts Legacy. Cheerio!

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