Hit registration issues are actually worse in Apex after the server patch that was supposed to fix it

Things are not getting better

Too many hit registration issues are still prevalent in Apex Legends even after the server patch that was supposed to fix them.

With the launch of the Apex Legends season 5, it was pretty apparent that there is a huge problem of bullets not registering properly. Players would casually empty a whole clip into someone without even one bullet registering. Therefore, Respawn came to the rescue with a server-side patch that was supposed to address all the issues regarding hit registration.

However, the server patch has in fact made everything worse. “No reg” issues are still present in the game right now. All the content creators and streamers have unanimously proclaimed that these hit registration issues are ruining an amusing season. The current state of the game is currently unplayable, to say the least.

Clips of people emptying a whole magazine into someone without any damage ever registering is the new norm. Besides all that, Apex Legends season 5 has been received really well. Despite all the other server related issues, Respawn’s balancing team has done an excellent job of tweaking character abilities or in some cases completely reworking Legends abilities. Thus it has shifted the whole meta into a new direction.

Respawn needs to fix all the hit registration issues as soon as possible. The general consensus around the current state of the game weighs heavily on it being more balanced. Although the server-side of things are diluting everything good things about this season. Hopefully, Respawn can bounce back through this difficult period.

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