Hideo Kojima in talks with Junji Ito for new horror game

Metal Gear mastermind Hideo Kojima and Horror mangaka Junji Ito potentially making a new horror game.

Fans were massively disappointed when PT was canceled, leaving a huge void in the horror game community. Especially, when the game was under the hands of Hideo Kojima. It seems the stars are aligned for the videogame community. As news has arisen that both geniuses are on a collab for a new horror game.

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Ito himself revealed the news in Comic-Con 2020 in an interview. When fans asked if he is associated with any game development, Ito replied no. Although he talked about a recollection of his meeting with Hideo where he said:

“I do know director Kojima and we have been in conversation that he might have a horror-based game that he might be doing, so he has invited me to work on that. But, there is no details on it yet.”

Furthermore, the legendary horror mangaka also had an appearance in Kojima’s latest title, Death Stranding.

Junji Ito’s most notable work is the horror manga Uzumaki, which is even getting an anime adaptation. Additionally, there are other twisted horror creations, such as  Gyo and Fragments of Horror, and many more. Not to mention, another upcoming work Venus in the Blind Spot releasing on August 18th.

Now almost a legend, PT was already considered a masterpiece of the horror genre, thanks to Kojima. Thanks to the gut-wrenching hallways, a crying fetus in a sink. Konami scrapped off the demo for PS4 after some problems with Kojima. In-fact this was one of the many events that narrate his departure from Konami.

Junji Ito
Screenshot from PT demo. Credit: VG247

We can already predict what otherworldy creation the two can conjure up together. If it comes to reality everyone can be sure that the title will be a hallmark of the horror genre.

Silent Hills: P.T fanmade demo can be downloaded and played on PC. The fanmade project is called Unreal PT, as it is made on Unreal Engine 4.

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