Here is why Ascent’s A site door is becoming irrelevant

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: RIOT Games

An interesting trick discovered by the VALORANT community makes the Ascent A-short/Garden door completely ineffective. 

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Originally there are two mechanical doors in Ascent. One of them is located near the B Site Market area, and the other one is in A-short/Garden. These doors are controlled via electric levers. Once turned on, they will proceed to close the doors. However, a trick found by Redditor awesumsauce13 might put the usefulness of A-short/Garden door in question. 

As demonstrated in the video, Sage is placing her Barrier Orb through the wall, entirely blocking off the electric lever. This action makes the lever unreachable by the opponent. Usually, when the defenders lose A site, attackers tend to shut the Garden door by pulling the lever. With the lever being out of reach, it’s most likely to confuse the attackers or force them to break the entire Barrier Orb.

The A-short/Garden door is primarily used for defensive purposes. Attackers often take advantage of the door once they are in control of Ascent’s A site. During the First Strike Qualifiers, many teams completely destroyed the door in early rounds so that attackers cannot utilize it for their benefit.

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In VALORANT’s early days, major eSports teams utilized these doors for defensive and offensive purposes. Competitive VALORANT has snowballed in the last few months, and Tier-1 teams tend to bypass any strategy that requires any effective utilization of these doors. Nonetheless, the trick might be rewarding against less-experienced teams in ranked matches.

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