Here is what PS5 devkit looks like

PS5 is set to launch on November 20, 2020, just in time for the holidays. Rumors indicate that it will be a more powerful console capable of playing in 4k or high framerates.

An early look at the devkits that are popping up lately is a good example of how the final version might look like.

Here is what the dev kits look like:


Sony recently shared that this console generation will see a huge improvement in both visual fidelity and faster game load time. In an exclusive interview with Mark Cerny confirmed that this generation will have a faster SSD to speed up load time dramatically. They will be faster than the typical SSD.

Although PC gamers are used to SSD’s as their game drive. For the first time, it will be widely available in a console. The devkits that are pooing up indicates a huge overhaul for the upcoming PS5. This design looks like it will let more air in the middle portion of the console. However, it is still too early to say how the final version might look like. Many gamers are speculating that it will be kind of similar to the current devkits.



The new controllers look really similar to the old PS4 controllers. Looks like they didn’t fix something that was not broken. We can all agree that PS4 controllers were better than the PS3 era. This time around they just made the controller a little more ergonomic. Although this is still not the final version, we can speculate that the final version will look more like the demo unit.

Everyone is excited about the holiday’s we still can’t wait to find out what the PS5 has up its sleeves. Sony is pretty confident about the PS5. Hopefully, they can put lightning in a bottle again as they did with PS4.



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