Here is what Hideo Kojima thinks about Death Stranding 2

Death stranding is probably Kojima’s most polarising video game. This game divided gamers into different camps.

Death stranding is truly a genre-defining experience. While many gamers flagged the game for being a glorified walking simulator. On the other hand, Kojima fans were mostly satisfied with the game. Many reviewers praised the game for taking risks that mainstream triple-A games would never take. All agreed that Kijima created a whole new genre. This game is all about building a connection.

In a recent interview, Kojima explained that there might not be a sequel to this game any time soon. In case there is a new one he would work on that from zero. He also told the reporters that if there is a sequel into the future. It will most likely be a completely different experience.

Later in the interview, he also claimed that he is gonna make the scariest horror game ever.

Kojima’s new horror game.

He teased his new project on twitter. Horror game fans are now giddy with excitement. Kojima said that he is a scaredy-cat that is why he is gonna make the scariest video game of all time. He didn’t mention any further details on his new project. Hopefully, he will make another genre-defining experience like all his other titles.

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