Here is Some Dope Looking Mobile Wallpapers for Valorant

These look really good

With the confirmed release window of summer 2020, Valorant hype train has reached its peak.

At this point in time, everyone and their mother are hyped for this game. While due to the coronavirus a hands-on event that was scheduled for March has been canceled. While we are all waiting for Valorant to hit the market, let’s all just cope with some dope looking Agent wallpapers for mobile devices.

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Agent Wallpapers

Especial thanks go to Reddit user Insantium1 for providing these awesome wallpapers. This tactical 5v5 shooter has everyone from CSGO pros to streamers really excited. As with any other game with Riots backing this one is surely in line to be a total banger.

If early playtesters testimony is to be believed then we have a banger coming form Riots’ first attempt at making a tactical FPS. What really intrigued people wasn’t a CSGO look-alike more so strong backend support from day one.

Since Riot has been talking about their 128 tik-rate servers, industry-leading cheat protection, improved net code, etc, they really caught the attention of hardcore FPS aficionados.

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