Here is how you can obtain a Juggernaut suit in COD Warzone

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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The Juggernaut suit is a differentiating factor when it comes to Warzone. Its external armor provides an incredible amount of advantage over any adversary. 

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Juggernaut suits are beneficial in close to medium combat encounters. One side effect of Juggernaut is that it creates panic among players. Even the Warzone veterans will have a tough time to mount any significant resistance against such a threat. 

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In Warzone, Juggernaut suits are placed inside the bunkers of Verdansk. There are ten bunkers strategically located within the landscape of Verdansk. Often these bunkers contain rare items & killstreaks. However, it’s not always safe to head towards a bunker; make sure to double-check the surrounding environment to neutralize any enemy overwatch.

Warzone bunkers aren’t accessible by default. Some bunkers require a Red access keycard while specific codes are needed for others. In contrast, it’s faster to gain entry with a Red keycard. These keycards can be found in supply boxes; though it might be a lengthy process, it’s also the more straightforward method to get an access card.

Once you have the access card, head towards a bunker that’s accessible via the Red keycard. All these bunkers are situated in distant areas of Verdansk, and that’s the only downside of this method. Try to avoid bunkers near the Prison & Military Base; they are often crowded with players. Bunkers around Dam, Hills & Quarry are relatively safer to execute a looting sortie. After gaining entry to one of these bunkers, immediately start looting before you get absorbed into the swiftly closing gas circle.

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There is a moderate chance that you’ll stumble upon a Juggernaut Suit inside the bunker. Juggernaut armor is heavy, solid & thick, and it provides certain degrees of protection against medium to high caliber weapons. With the help of this suit, snatching a rapid Warzone victory is entirely possible.  

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