Here is how s1mple reacted after getting a $500 donation

s1mple makes everything look too simple

The hero of IEM 2020 s1mple who dominated G2 to the point people claimed it was the equivalent of beating a dead horse, reacted with a Deagle after getting a $500 donation.

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s1mple’s reaction

After s1mple got a $500 donation congratulating him on his dominating performance in ESL Katowice 2020, he just turned on grand finals mode for 30 seconds. In those 30 seconds, he showed how simple it is for s1mple to pull off a Deagle on his opponents.

At this point in time, many consider s1mple to be the king of Counter-strike. His consistency in big events paired that with his methodical approach to CS has made him very famous among other pros.

s1mple even called the donor as “crazy people” and mentioned the donor to not send him that much money. This Ukrainian pro who plays for Navi is infamous for making crazy outplay on his opponents on a consistent basis.

Navi with the Counter-Strike roster that includes the likes of s1mple, flamie, ug1n, GuardiaN, electroNic, BoombI4 is just too much for others competing on the same platform.

If the start of IEM 2020 is any indication of how good of a form this roster is in, then it suffices to say that NAVI is destined to win it all this year.

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