Here is Everything you Need to Know for Playing Revenant Efficiently

Ultimate Revenant guide

Apex Legends new season 4 Assimilation introduced us to Revenant aka death himself. With all the hype leading up to his release, many players are still underwhelmed with his presence in the arena.

While many players are saying that Revenant isn’t the meta for competitive play, TSM_Albralelie is actually backing Revenant as a new dynamic addition to the game. Will his other teammates go on with his claims is going to be interesting to see.

There is a huge skill curb required to play this Legend at his best. This guide can help you reach your goals faster.

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Team Play

To be able to master Revenant you have to coordinate well with your teammates. Communicating with your teammates is crucial to master Revenant. Here is why:

Keep his Passive in Mind

His passive allows him to climb higher and crouch walker faster, which can be great for healing while the zone is quickly approaching. Keep his reach in mind for some absolute insane silent flanks. Other Legends won’t know what hit them.

Use Silence Efficiently:

His silence is a great utility to cancel out enemy abilities for a short duration. It can be used for both offense and defense.
While attacking use his tactical to cancel out Legend who has any escape abilities. This includes wraith, pathfinder, octane. It also works great on Gibraltor as he won’t be able to use his “dome for protection”. Using his Q before pushing or going for that sweet third party is a good idea.
As for defense, this ability can be used to make the distance between your opponents and yourselves. Other Legends are less likely to push you if you put this in front of any entrance. Although it will work best for small corridor fights not very effective for defense in open areas of the map.

When to Use Deaths Totem:

Revenants Ultimate Deaths Totem creates a totem that has a certain range and duration. In that time and range players can use death protection. While in death protection you will only get damages to your health, not on your shields.

So how much health do shadows have in apex? Glad you asked after being taken out they return to the totem with 1 HP. That is why you need to paly as a team as mentioned above.

While it can be very tempting to use his ultimate Deaths totem as soon as it charges and you see a potential for the third party, it is really important to keep zone in your mind. Since you will be reset to totem with only one HP one strategically placed caustic trap will end your whole squad in a second.

It is really important that not all members of the team should take totem at the same time as it can leave you vulnerable to any luring squads looking for a free squad wipe. A maximum of two legends should enter death protection at the same time while another should guard the totem.

Stacking up on Medkits

Totems can be destroyed with weapons so that gives more reason to leave one of your teammates behind for backup. As you return with one HP it is important to stack on Medkits if you are playing as a Revenant main.

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Keeping when to use his abilities can change the match in your favor. While he is a lot of fun, it can be daunting for newcomers. This guide isn’t end all be all guide for Revenant but following this can really help you elevate your game as Revenant.

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