Here are the four European teams that qualified for the Six August 2020 Major

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The new European League stage-1 has finally come to an end, and the top four teams from this stage will be advancing to the Six August 2020 Major.

Although the August Major won’t be a LAN event this time, it has been replaced with online regional tournaments, which is why it is being titled as the ‘Mini-Major’. Here are the four teams that made it into this Mini-Major.

  • Rogue
  • BDS Esport
  • G2 Esports
  • Virtus.Pro

EUL Stage-1 Standings

European league stage 1 standings
Image: Liquipedia

Rogue and BDS Esport were the first two teams to make it through to the Majors, followed by G2 Esports. But the fourth spot was up for the grabs till the last playday, and both Virtus.Pro and Na’Vi gave their all to secure that place.

In Playday 9, VP played against G2 Esports, and they desperately needed a win to get ahead of Na’Vi, who was sitting at the 5th place with the same points as VP. Although VP started strong in their attack in consulate, eventually it was G2 Esports who once more showed their dominance and grabbed a 7-4 victory against VP.

This meant Na’Vi only needed a draw against BDS to secure their place in the Major. We expected it to be a thrilling match, and it was just that. BDS and Na’Vi went back and forth; however, BDS just looked more organized than Na’Vi as they were sitting at match-point with 6-3 points. But the game was yet to be over, as Na’Vi pulled up their sleeves and focused on getting at least a draw. And they were on the right path to it as they managed to get two straight round wins, leading to a 6-5 scoreboard. But in a heartbreaking final round for Na’Vi, they were unsuccessful in executing their kitchen attack in Kafe properly and failed to advance to the August Major.

But it was good news for the Russian team Virtus.Pro, as they will compete in the August Major with the other 3 teams to find out who is the best in the region.

Not only the teams will be fighting for the $125,000 USD, but they will also be receiving Six Invitational points through this August Major. Here’s a breakdown of the prize pool and SI points, the four teams will be receiving:

six august 2020 major
Image: Liquipedia

The middle 5th-8th placed teams in EUL stage-1 will receive SI points respectively 225, 180, 140, 115.

The Six August 2020 Major will begin in the APAC region first from August 3-9, and in Europe, it’ll run from August 20-23. Unfortunately, the fans won’t be able to enjoy the games live in the arena. But we will surely get to see some intense fights from all the teams in these online events.

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