Helicopters and gliders coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator

Asobo Studios announced that they will add helicopters to Microsoft Flight Simulator, coming in 2022.

During Microsoft Flight Simulator’s recent development update, Asobo shared its development roadmap from June to September 2021. Additionally, they also shared a list of the most requested features by fans. Which is topped by playable helicopters, then multiple screens, and then a replay feature.

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And according to this table, it seems Asobo is working on quite a few of them and will continue to do so. This includes helicopters. Although planned to release in 2022. Hence, gamers still have to wait quite a while. If we look a bit below. A large number of fans also requested gliders, sailplanes. That too is under development and releasing in 2022.

Helicopters Microsoft Flight Simulator
credits: Asobo
Helicopters Microsoft Flight Simulator
credits: Asobo

Microsoft Flight Simulator was always played by a small community of flight sim enthusiasts. But after the release of the newest Microsoft Flight Simulator in 2020, more casual gamers joined on the hype. Thanks to the many features this game has. From real-time weather, traffics to hyper-realistic planes and even cities. Adding the game to Xbox Game Pass and next-gen consoles also brought in many players. How the game runs on Xbox Series X|S will be interesting to see.

Asobo has been consistently updating and patching up the game. Moreover, the frequent updates based upon different regions of the world give the game a fresh coat of paint. And with helicopters coming soon to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Gamers can view their favorite places up close, soar through cities and skyscrapers. Hence, a completely different experience is soon coming to the massive flight sim. Gliders can give the players a greater sense of freedom and openness as they won’t be trapped within the confines of a cockpit. A feature that would go well with VR.

Aside from helicopters, Asobo has been hearing and working on a great deal of other requested features and feedbacks. How developers ought to be to their enthusiastic fanbase.

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