Heavenly Bodies releasing on PS4 and PS5

Heavenly Bodies is a zero gravity space puzzle game for the PS4 and PS5; includes co-op.

Indie studio 2pt Interactive has revealed its new Space Puzzler: Heavenly Bodies for the PS4 and PS5. Of course, as a part of PlayStation’s newly unveiled indie program; PlayStation’s Indie Initiative. Heavenly Bodies will be releasing in 2021.

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Furthermore, director Alexander Perrin laid out some details of the game in a blog post. Accordingly, players will navigate through space using analog sticks, triggers, and bumpers to control the arms and legs. As a result, the navigation and movement of the players will be influenced by the zero gravity of space.

Additionally, local co-op will allow players to use their creativity and team work to solve the myriad of puzzles in the depths of space; and progress with their own inventive ideas.

Heavenly Bodies for the PS5 will also be using its Dual Sense controller’s special features, such as tactile and haptic feedback to present the game with more immersion and innovation. For example: the sensation of items slipping through fingers, levers breaking into two and etc. To summarise, the controller will be able to communicate with different elements of the game depending on the events that occur; and provide feedback.

Even though no release date is yet published, Heavenly Bodies will be coming to PS4 & PS5 and Steam, sometime around 2021.

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