Hashinshin Claims he was Investigated by the FBI and is now back to Streaming on YouTube

Nawshad Noor
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Twitch streamer Hashinshin who was permanently banned from Twitch over grooming allegations claims he was investigated by the FBI.

Robert “‘Hashinshin” Brotz has been a major name in the League of legends community since he started streaming back in 2012. Hashinshin also plays other strategy games besides League of Legends such as Stellaris and Europa Universalis IV. However, recently he was permanently banned from Twitch for grooming allegations.

Recently Hashinshin posted a video on Youtube titled “I was investigated by the FBI, and not everything was as it seems.” In the video, Hashinshin claimed that he was investigated by the FBI and was neither jailed nor charged for the crime. He said, “There has been an investigation into me and I am neither jailed nor charged”.

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Hashinshin talks about 21 points

In the video, Hashinshin talked about 21 points that he things escalated the accusations made against him. He talked about all of the points below in his video. The points are taken from the link Hashinshin himself provided and posted below unaltered.

  1. I was accused of many things, and banned from twitch.
  2. An FBI investigation into me happened, and I am neither jailed nor charged.
  3. Alli within our relationship said she would kill herself if we ever broke up. I would apologize for and take the blame for anything.
  4. Alli and Karina created a fake story to gaslight me into believing things about myself.
  5. Two things heavily impacted my ability to respond to all this: I had a gas leak that wiped most of my memory of the 2010s period, and I deleted my discord/Snapchat/cleared all my twitter DMs for Alli at the beginning of our relationship.
  6. I went to Karina to try to apologize. She privately told Alli that I hadn’t done what she said I did anyway.
  7. Karina pushed me into giving her $500 to repay her, as well as giving Alli $1000 to defend myself to Alli (over a fake story.)
  8. This led to my apology and those TikTok screenshots you see. I want to note that Alli originally while posting these clarified I never showed my d*ck to a minor, and later on refused to say it again after deleting the original statement. 
  9. This was before the twitter things. Alli is on record saying she wanted me banned and my platform removed before anything more publicly happened.
  10. Alli posted fake screenshots from Kiy (the ones you see) as well as later screenshots from another girl that were from 2020, and she pretended and acted as if they were from 2018 to say I was flirting with an underaged girl.
  11. After I refuted (and Alli was being publicly bashed) Karina came to her defense and posted her twitlonger to take the heat off her and defend her. I want to specify that despite claiming to have skype logs of my misdeeds that Karina posted NO SCREENSHOTS at all of our supposed conversations and you can go back and look at that to verify that.
  12. I posted my large google document several days later.
  13. Alli, Karina, and Dye create a video, and asked girls to post their “stories.”
  14. Alli verifies fake dick pics to bolster their story. She also uses the fact she knows I’ve deleted my discord to assist Kiy in making DMs from “before” I deleted my discord that I can not refute.
  15. Alli and Karina also conspire to try to have my twitter hacked, doxxing me to someone (who told me about it) to help them do it.
  16. Dye who already has been trying to attack me for 2 years now posts a SECOND fake video (he made one earlier that didn’t get much attention) using many easily debunked stories. This video was made in collaboration with Alli and Karina.
  17. Alli publicly defends accusations in the video, even those already debunked by me, in order to bolster its attention and get it more views
  18. Vicki is a friend of Karina (knows her and hangs out IRL) and backed up Maya (another friend of theirs) when they released their “information.”
  19. At this point several large members in the community started to latch on to these stories and attack me. I didn’t know whether this was all true or not and started to feel suicide. I attempted suicide at this point (and not by melatonin, I don’t know how that rumor started, I never said that.)
  20. Vman posted on reddit 
  21. Vicki basically wrote my apology. I went to her because I felt terrible, and wanted to make an apology for what I thought I did.

Hashinshin talked about all of these points in detail in the video. He also provided proof that his claims were true. Below are the proofs provided by Hashinshin.

Hashinshin Provided Proof

Hashinshin also provided a lot of screenshots of his FOIA, FBI card, email correspondence with the FBI. He also posted screenshots and other proof of what he talks about in the video.

Hashinshin wrote-

“Proof in order of things discussed. I will use screenshots, tweets, or whatever is applicable.

To open with, here is proof I have received a letter about my FOIA, proof my FOIA request is being processed, the FBI card I was given, email correspondence with the FBI, as well as lastly, proof that the FOIA request was about and my investigation. https://imgur.com/a/Djv06op obviously it’s a bit unprofessional in retrospect but this is all new to me and I’m trying damnit. 

Here is Alli talking about her life, and about the fact she would kill herself if we ever broke up. I left the more detailed parts out of whatever respect I have left, but it should be self evident what’s going on here.  https://imgur.com/a/CKaTLA2

I posted about the gas leak in 2019, January 12th. OVER A YEAR before any of this was discussed. I’ve talked privately about what it’s done. This was not a spur of the moment excuse. Several large community figures commented on this tweet. https://twitter.com/hashinshin/status/1084177046828445697?lang=en 

I do not have any proof I deleted my snapchat/discord/twitter DMs for Alli in mid 2019, but considering she has never refuted that and I have nothing from that time period I think it should be self-evident.

Alli and Karina admit to faking DMs here: https://imgur.com/a/3UyOwtq

The above also has Karina admitting I never showed her my dick. You can see Karina @ Alli, tell her she needs to create some chat logs, tell her “hes gonna give me money” and then Alli and her go off to create the fake DMs between them. This was posted BY KARINA on HER twitter because for some reason she actually thought this helped her case. This has been public knowledge for MONTHS now. You can also see the intent behind the faked DMs was deliberately to get money from me.

Above is also attached Karina going to someone and doxxing my number in order for them to “TAKE HIS TWITTER PLZ”

Above is also attached Karina saying “cna u make amends by giving me money please” which Alli and her later conspired in order to make happen. After Alli demanded $1000 for me to defend myself Karina pushed me in to taking the deal (which I didn’t know the two were conspiring on.)

Above is also attached is Alli talking to a friend of hers (as well as admitting she was never underaged, though lord knows how that rumor got spread that she was….) and saying “and shouldn’t have the platform and power he has.” She does go on to say that I shouldn’t kill myself so thank you for that always looking out for me. Well before any of this dropped she already said she intended to deplatform me.”

For more context watch Hashinshin’s video down below-

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Nawshad Noor is a former Editor at GameRiv.