HasanAbi Takes the First Place as the Most-Watched Twitch Streamer, Shroud is placed Number 10

Twitch streamer HasanAbi is the most-watched Twitch channel in the first half of November. Shroud is also on the list and is in the number 10 spot.

Watching streams is getting more mainstream and so is the popularity of streamers increasing with it. People are watching streams in their free time and Twitch being the biggest streaming platform on the planet is the obvious choice for many people.

Twitch streamers are gaining huge amounts of popularity and their watch time very much reflects their increasing popularity.

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Top 10 Most Watched Twitch Channel:

Recently streams_charts released info about the most-watched channel on Twitch in the first half of November.

Twitch streamer, HasanAbi took the first place as the most watched channel on Twitch. His watch time was 10,741,875 hours. HasanAbi streamed for 161 hours to acquire this much watch time.

The 2nd position goes to Gaules with a watch time of 9,077,103 hours and 349 hours streamed. 3rd position goes to xQc who has a watch time of 8,691,546 hours and streamed 147 hours. 4th position goes to League of Legends streamer Tyler1 who had a watch time of 6,871,565 hours and streamed 159 hours.

Ibai, Sykkuno, and Auronplay mostly streamed Among Us and accumulated a watch time of 4,954,347, 3,297,865, and 3,234,726. They streamed for 60, 70, and 36 hours respectively.

Rubius, Trymacs took 8th and 9th position with 3,033,823 and 2,998,825 hours watch time. They have 50 hours and 109 hours streamed.

Shroud takes the 10th spot after signing exclusively with Twitch. He has a total watch time of 2,971,441 hours and streamed 117 hours during these 15 days.

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