Halo Reach just lost 90% of its player base on PC

Halo just lost most of its player base

At its release, Halo Reach Master Chief collection had over 90K concurrent players at one point. After almost a month now the peak player count has gone bellow 10K.

Halo Reach was so anticipated game on PC as it was the OG Xbox game that was loved by millions of players growing up. Gamers always wanted the Halo collection to make a PC debut. On its release, the game was an instant success for Microsoft. Halo fans were sending pizza to the devs that were in charge of remastering the whole Halo franchise for PC.

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It got to a point where the devs were telling the fans to not send any more pizza cause it will go to waste and it was a nightmare cause the Building had no receptionist at that time. To say that people were really hyped for this game to come to PC would be an understatement.

Halo Reach player count on PC
Halo Reach player count on PC

After it was released it sold really well. It is mainly due to its price as it wouldn’t cost one an arm and a leg to enjoy the game on PC. It was a massive success as it got almost over 90K players but after a month, they lost almost 90% of their player base.

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Considering it was the port of a game that was almost 10 years old at this point was not a huge surprise. But still, it has a healthy demographic of player base who are still enjoying the game.


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