Halo Infinite will have multiple campaigns

According to a recent screenshot from the Halo site, Halo Infinite will have multiple campaigns

Halo Infinite is currently having its technical preview for its multiplayer mode. As per gamers’ the game plays well and is probably a comeback for the series. For some, the experience isn’t too well. As technical preview site crashes and mails are deployed quite slow.

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On the other hand, a curious Halo fan managed to confirm that Halo Infinite will have multiple campaigns. A Twitter user by the name of Ayit’ Sevi posted screenshots from the Halo Waypoint website. Where it divides info regarding the game into 3 sections. Campaigns, Multiplayer, News. The first two sections display in-game statistics when Halo Infinite releases.

Although everyone saw it coming as Xbox previously announced that Halo Infinite will be here for a long time, and receive content updates. Xbox did not directly announce anything regarding multiple campaigns.

By the looks of it, Halo Infinite will have one campaign mode at launch. And will release more story campaigns in the future as we see in episodic games. It is possible that Halo Infinite’s story will not be separated into multiple paid campaigns. Instead, offer side stories, sequels. In short a full and complete story mode. Only time will tell how the devs manage to deliver Masterchief’s story for Halo Infinite. An incredible campaign mode with extraordinary characters is an unquestionable requirement for any Halo game.

So far things are looking great for Halo Infinite. The multiplayer has subtle changes all the while staying true to its roots. If 343i can hold on to this and their promises of a great campaign of Masterchief, the game will be one of defining titles for the series, generation, as well as Xbox.

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