Halo Infinite technical preview coming soon

Halo Infinite is finally getting its first technical preview next weekend.

After a long wait and a cycle of disappointment and revived hope, players are finally getting the chance to play Halo Infinite. Halo Infinite’s first technical preview is going live from next weekend. That is as soon as July 29 to August 1st.

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Although this preview will be extremely limited as only select players from Halo Insider can take part in it. That too after getting their confirmation E-mail. The reason is that through this the devs will focus on the free-to-play aspects of the game. Such as how bots work in different game modes, training modes across different maps.

The preview also includes the Academy Weapon Drills. Here, players have access to 12 weapons as they fight through bots of different difficulties. Moreover, the more interesting mode is the Bot Arenas. Teams of 4 will fight against bots across different maps. And in turn, developers will offer new content daily to keep the experience fresh.

Furthermore, the devs will also monitor and work on other aspects of the game. Which includes the BattlePass, customization, and also UI.

Halo Infinite technical preview
credit: 343i

343i talks about this technical preview in their newest blog. Here they talk about what this preview consists of, why is it so small in scope. Their reasons seem pretty clear. Fine-tuning the multiplayer portions of the game so that and the newly added bots. So that when the preview goes bigger, players can experience a more perfected experience.

Halo Infinite is changing the face of the Halo series by bringing in more popular additions like the Battle Pass, bots, and free-to-play multiplayer. But if it works out, it is safe to say Halo is coming back. It’s been too long since we got a new Halo game. And now it’s time for 343 Industries and Xbox to deliver the newest saga of the legendary Masterchief, once again.

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