Halo Infinite rumored to have battle royale mode

Halo Infinite to feature the now staple Battle Royale mode according to Halo Infinite Japanese website.

After it was confirmed that Halo Infinite’s multiplayer will be free to play, another rumor floats about 343’s spiritual reboot of the beloved franchise. A leak by Halo Infinite’s Japanese website accidentally leaked that the multiplayer will feature Battle Royale mode. Furthermore, the two 2 classic weapons; the magnum and shotgun will not be present at launch.

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A leak posted on Reddit shows the Japanese page which says Battle Royale, although it could be a translation error. Even if, almost all games now feature Battle Royale; if Halo can deliver it will be a pretty good addition.

credit: Xbox subreddit

After the backlash from the gameplay showcase, in addition to the spiritual reboot of this legendary series, which is supposed to take Halo back to its roots. A lot of responsibility lays on 343 industries. After all, it is Halo and people are expecting it to deliver like so.

The multiplayer with the split-screen is one of the most loved aspects of the Halo franchise. If the devs can bring out the same experience in Infinite, along with the rumored Battle Royale(if true). It has the potential to be the king of fps, like the old times.

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