Halo: Infinite Multiplayer Will Be Free To Play

Could the free-to-play Halo: Infinite Multiplayer be the potential battle royal games killer?

The Xbox E3 2021 has given its fans something to look forward to in the coming months and years. One of the major highlights of the event being Halo: Infinite. Not only did they give us more information on what is coming, but we now have a free multiplayer coming this fall. Halo: Infinite campaign and free multiplayer will be dropping this holiday season for PC and Xbox.

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Halo multiplayer is one of the top fps shooting games, and old-time fans would still remember the Halo nights on Xbox 360, capturing flags and killing enemies while watching your friends back. All of this will now be playable for free, and now that you do not need Xbox Live Gold to play free multiplayer games. Halo: Infinite free multiplayer could be the game that cost multiplayer games like Warzone their loyal fans.

Moreover, we also got a brand new trailer for the story campaign aswell. Although for now, the main highlight is the multiplayer being free to play. There are many free-to-play multiplayer fps shooters right now, but Halo multiplayer is something unique and different. The game is coming this fall on PC and Xbox, so get your controllers ready because you will not want to miss this.

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