Halo Infinite confirmed to have crossplay among PC, Xbox, cloud

Microsoft has announced that Halo Infinite will support crossplay, cross-progression among PC, Xbox, and mobile.

After the initial disappointing gameplay reveals of Halo Infinite. It seems Microsoft is turning the tide. As time goes, Halo Infinite seems to get bigger and better. With the news of new gameplay, mechanics, customization, and graphics already hyping fans up.

The game now sounds even better as it is now confirmed that Xbox’s most precious Halo Infinite will support both crossplay and cross-progression across all systems. That means PC, Xbox, and mobile.

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For, the past couple of years, Xbox focused on keeping games connected among multiple devices. They are the ones that started the crossplay, cross-progression trend among consoles. Especially with Fortnite, and their first-party titles. Hence, it was obvious that Halo Infinite will offer the same.

Halo Infinite’s cross-play and cross-progression support extend to bringing in-game progress, multiplayer settings, and much more. To summarise, a person can play the same game with the same stats and records independent of any devices. This is a selling point, as it combines multiple communities together. Something the brand has been trying to achieve.

Furthermore, the game will be available on day one Xbox Game Pass. So Game Pass Ultimate members can literally play the return of Master Chief anywhere they like. Even mobile players can enjoy Halo thanks to cloud gaming.

On the other hand, even though Halo Infinite will support cross-play and cross-progression to allow gamers to make a seamless transition across their favorite platforms. PC gamers will have several advantages. First of which is the mouse and keyboard support. Second is the visual, graphical features the game supports. This will completely set apart Halo Infinite on PC from other platforms. Although this doesn’t exclude the fact that the game will fully use the power of the Xbox Series X and S. Our only doubts are on the base Xbox One consoles.

Halo Infinite will see new adventures of the legendary Masterchief as he fights once again to ensures humanity’s survival. Undoubtedly, the icon of Xbox, so a lot is riding on 343i. Additionally, the game introduces new gameplay not seen in the series before. Such as grappling hook, new guns, and a semi-open world map.

The game is supposed to release in 2021, but there are no official release dates yet.

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