Halo 4 now finally has a release date for PC

343 have given us a release date for PC and everyone is stoked for it to come out.

Halo Master Cheif Collection is on PC already, even Halo infinite is coming, so this news is like the silver lining to everything 343 is doing for PC fans. Halo 4 is coming out for PC on November 17th and the classic fan-favorite first-person shooter has everyone on their toes with a new announcement teaser trailer.

343 industries had announced earlier how the entire game would look like with screenshots and in-game analysis. They quoted “Gamers can expect gameplay on 4k at 60 fps locked in”. While they release the Master Chief collection one by one Halo 4 was one of the most awaited games for PC gamers and now that it has a release date fans can finally rejoice.

It seems like Halo 4 will make the start of advanced graphics settings on PC for the series. The developers said that they are now including new settings like graphics quality, shadow quality, effects quality, details quality, and anisotropic filtering to make the gameplay and experience even better.

Not just graphics settings, they have announced that champions bundle is coming out which will be a throwback for everyone that played Halo 4 four years ago. The weapons skins from four years ago are coming back along with the new more customizable armor pieces and suits as well.

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