Here is what Half-Life: Alyx game play looks like

Valve finally released the trailer of the most anticipated game of this decade. If the trailer is a good indication of how it will play then we are definitely in for one hell of a ride. It got a official March 2020 release date.


It was kind of a meme for gamer’s that they will never see a main line entry from the franchise ever again. Valve then releases a tweet revealing trailer date and the internet went nuts. Twitter went crazy with speculation on how will it look like.

The trailer showcased how it will look like in virtual reality. The trailer began with Alyx in a basement where she confronts a creature. She had a magnetic gloves. Later it looked like she used those magnetic gloves to pick up a gun and shoot with it. Looks like the magnetic gloves are going to be a big component in the game play.


The gamed looked really photogenic in the trailer. Especially the physics looked really promising when the character was interacting with the game objects. It is definitely a improvement from Half-Life:2. Obviously that game released almost a decade ago. Video games have come a long way from then. Every details looked beautiful so far. After all it is too early to tell how the finished game will look like.


Valve didn’t reveal much of game play in this trailer. The game looks like it will use the magnetic gloves to good use like the gravity gun in the past. How the core game play loop will be is still a mystery. Knowing its a Valve title, it will surely include some new control scheme to properly immerse oneself in this world.


The trailer ended with a teaser from The G man. There still lot of thing to know about the game. It will release in March 2020. It will release in all the main VR platforms. For more Half-Life news keep your eyes peeled here at Gameriv. We will keep you updated on all the details about this game.

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