Gundam Evolution: Best Mobile Suits Tier List

Learn about all the best Mobile Suits and the Tier list to know the suit that suits you best. Pun intended.

The latest first-person FPS from Bandai Namco became a sudden hit overnight. The high-voltage anime series played a massive role that did the rest of the job. And mark my words, Overwatch 2 should overwatch on their new competitors from now on.

Well, at a point, you might feel like the Gundam Evolution might seem like the mech version of the Overwatch. However, I am just gonna pretend I did not see anything. Let’s talk about the in-game mechs; how about that?

The gamers have their main focus on the Mobile Suits unit in Gundam Evolution. We will see around 17 units of them. Each of them has its own unique abilities. And today, we will focus on each of them to let you decide which suits you best from these Mobile Suite units. Hop in!

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Mobile Suits Tier List in Gundam Evolution

The tier list below is based on multiple variables like their impact on the game, their abilities, and, last but not least, the popularity measurement. How can we overthrow that?

TierMobile Suits
S-TierGundam Barbatos, Sazabi, Unicorn Gundam
A-TierGM Sniper II, Gundam, Mahiroo, Methuss, Zaku II (Ranged)
B-TierDOM Trooper, Asshimar, Pale Rider, Guntank, Zaku II (Melee), Gundam Exia
C-TierGM, Gundam, Marasai


Gundam Barbatos ( ASW-G-08 )

The mightiest one yet, the Gundam Barbados, has been in the field since the dawn of the Calamity War. This beast has two Ahab Reactors, the main sources of his enormous energy.

The feature we will be looking at is the Alaya-Vijnana System, which is installed into this beast to maximize its effect by several folds. This organic implant also works as an awareness system that makes using the Long Sword and the Smoothbore Gun much easier to handle.

Gundam Barbatos Gundam Evolution Mobile Suits

Sazabi (MSN-04)

Sazabi was created to bear the power of NewType. This power came to sense when the use of lightweight armor was finally fit for the continuous thrusts. The beam sabers with a shield can be seen as a tomahawk. You can use it easily to mow down the other units.

The Beam Sabers that we talked about some moments ago can be quickly deployed when a threat is imminent. On top of that, the Newtype power can be used to the fullest when the six Funnels shoot energy beams worth 10.6 Mw. Now that’s a lot of power!

Sazabi Gundam Evolution Mobile Suits

Unicorn Gundam (RX-0)

The fruit of the UC Project was a prototype. It was designed to eliminate the last trace of Zionism from Earth. Unlike, Sazabi, it has the Anti-Newtype Power system installed.

The name Unicorn fulfills its worth when the Antenna is activated in the Normal mode. In the Destroy mode, you will see the NT-D system is activated by expanding the suit’s frame. Whether this guy is in the usual way or not, you will always see the 60mm Vulcan Gun is ready to get deployed while the plasm Beam Saber comes out like the hidden blade of an Assassin.

Unicorn Gundam Evolution Mobile Suits


GM Sniper II (RGM-79SP)

On the battlefield, GM Sniper II comes with its maximum potential. With the built-in laser sensor, this guy was one of the last ones of his kind to get deployed in the One Year War.

The long-range suit specialist uses goggles, sensor array, head unit coolers, and other units possible to maximize sniping on the battlefield. With this capability, this guy can be entrusted with MS-sized sniper rifles that uses physical projectiles. Good to know that this rifle is affected neither by any magnetic forces nor the solar winds.

GM Sniper Gundam Evolution Mobile Suits

Gundam (System-∀99 ∀)

The white doll with a pointy mustache was prepared to deal in interstellar warfare. You will see its powerplant located on its abdomen. However, this is no ordinary powerplant. This is a functional blackhole; in other words, this guy is powered by anti-matter.

Gundam’s armor is covered with nano-particles, giving him the topmost protection possible for Mobile Unit suits in Gundam Evolution. On the other hand, this Mario carries a beam rifle, two beam cannons, and a saber. Moreover, in the absence of the Thruster vanes, Gundam can use the empty unit to store any arsenal it desires.

Gundam Evolution Mobile Suits

Mahiroo (G-838)

The Mahiroo is the mainstay mobile suit of the Ghingham Fleet. It is equipped with a Mobile Trace system and uses artificial muscle fibers in its drive system.

Powerful thrusters give the Mahiroo high mobility and atmospheric flight capabilities. Moreover, the Toroidal Shield is armed with a powerful mega particle gun.

Mahiroo Gundam Evolution Mobile Suits

Methuss (MSA-005)

Methuss was developed under the secret Project Zeta. As it was considered a prototype, the MS2-006 Zeta Gundam was built based on it. However, even like the Zeta Gundam, Methuss is fast and agile in combat mode.

Methuss is armed with two arm beam guns and six beam sabers. It can serve as a support machine during combat, acting as a second power generator for the upgraded Mega Bazooka Launcher.

Methuss Gundam Evolution Mobile Suits

Zaku II (MS-06)

Zaku II, the ranged unit, can be considered as the true heir of the Zaku dynasty after his predecessor, MS-05 Zaku I. It is faster with more durability, and gains energy from a super reactor. Because of its worthiness, it was a common unit in the Earth Federation Force unit.

The Zaku dynasty has been using the ZMP-50D 120mm for long enough. It can penetrate any heavy armor. Moreover, this fellow can also wield the famous M-120A1 120mm, used in the One Year War. The most recent feature is the MMP-80 90mm, which can empty 32 shots in a short time. Pretty heavy impact, I must say.

Zaku Gundam Evolution Mobile Suits


DOM Trooper (ZGMF-XX09T)

DOM’s giant body and legs mount numerous thrusters, giving the big fella high mobility. However, it also has a hovering system built into its legs to rush over land.

The DOM Trooper is armed with an enhanced beam saber stored on the back-mounted EZ Wizard, a Screaming Nimbus in the abdomen, a handheld Giga launcher, and a pair of shoulder-mounted CIWS. The DOM Trooper also mounts a defensive Solidus Fulgor beam shield generator. Pretty useful to tear through an entire enemy unit in an instance.

DOM Trooper Gundam Evolution Mobile Suits

Asshimar (NRX-044)

The Earth Federation Forces first used the Asshimar. It was the first mobile weapon to fly in the Earth’s atmosphere on its power without the help of a sub-flight system.

With magnet coating technology applied to its transformation system, the Asshimar can transform between its MS and MA modes in only 0.5 seconds. Moreover, it sported thick armor and could withstand most standard mobile suits firearms in Gundam Evolution.

Asshimar Gundam Evolution Mobile Suits

Pale Rider (RX-80PR)

This fellow was given the latest technologies during the One Year War, resulting in high performance and adaptability to a wide range of equipment.

Pale Rider can wield Vulcan Gun, Bullpup machine gun, Hyper Beam rifle, and many more. Overall, these have a high fire rate with a bit less impact. However, you will have quite an accuracy with this arsenal.

Guntank (RX-75)

Guntank is a prototype that Operation V. developed. From the picture, this fella can be depicted easily as a tanker rather than some typical mobile suits in Gundam Evolution. Did you know that this guy was meant to be handled by 2 pilots?

Even though Its reactor is a hybrid type of nuclear reactor and gas turbine, its output is insufficient for powering the massive beam weapons. The Guntank’s primary weapons are twin 120mm cannons, which are effective at long and medium ranges. Its arms have four-barrel missile launchers instead of hands, providing good cover fire against enemy tanks and aircraft. However, overall the impact is quite low against fellow foes.

Guntank Gundam Evolution Mobile Suits

Zaku II (MS-06) (Melee)

Zaku Dynast is proud of its finest products, the Zaku II F-type. However, why is this guy at tier C? Before diving into that, did you know that the Zaku II is a ceremonial unit?

The M-120A1 120 mm can at most destroy the weaker armors that still take multiple shots. Besides using Bazookas, Zaku can be identified with its trademark Large Heat Hawk and the Giant Warhammer.

Zaku Gundam Evolution Mobile Suits

Gundam Exia (GN-001)

Gundam Exia carries a GN Drive that is mounted in the center of its body. The drive provides limitless energy and generates special, multifunctional GN Particles. These particles grant outstanding mobility, including independent flight capabilities. Moreover, the discharged particles can cause electromagnetic interference. That results in leaving conventional communication and radar devices useless.

Did you know that the Gundam Exia has a nickname that goes “Gundam Seven Swords”? Its development code was “Seven Swords,” and as indicated by this name, it is equipped with seven blades. Of these seven, the GN Sword, GN Long Blade, and GN Short Blade are physical blades, while the rest are beam-based and consist of two GN Beam Sabers and two GN Beam Daggers.

Gundam Exia Gundam Evolution Mobile Suits


GM (RGM-79)

GM or Jim’s basic frame is easily adaptable to modifications into mission-specific GM models. It has a relatively high level of mobility for the time, both on Earth and in space. Moreover, the armor of the GM uses Titanium Alloy, which is still superior to the Zaku II’s super-high tensile steel armor.

This Jim guy is armed with a beam spray gun. The beam spray gun had yet to be mass-produced early in production, so most GMs were equipped with various machine guns.

GM Gundam Evolution Mobile Suits

Gundam (RX-78-2)

The Trademark Gundam was way ahead of its time. Its frame is light and much sturdy. As a result, it can shrug off an MS-06 Zaku II’s machine gun fire with little to no damage. Its offensive power was above and beyond that of the Zakus.

The Gundam would engage in most battles with its beam rifle, making it the first mobile suit to have firepower equivalent to a battleship’s beam cannons. In addition, it used two beam sabers and blades of scorching plasma, which could easily cut through any metal. Those beam sabers could be extended into a spear-like beam weapon, which could be used to stab an enemy from a longer distance.

Gundam Evolution Mobile Suits

Marasai (RMS-108)

Marasai equips itself with Gundarium Alloy armor that improves overall defense, more excellent sensor range, more significant acceleration, and a more powerful Minovsky-type ultracompact fusion reactor. It is equipped with high-power thrusters that allow atmospheric flight under gravity for a short period of time.

Marasai’s standard weapons are a beam rifle, two beam sabers, and two head-mounted Vulcan guns. A large shield is attached to its right shoulder.

Marasai Gundam Evolution Mobile Suits

There you go. That is all for the best Mobile Suits in Gundam Evolution. Cheers!

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